Tuesday, March 20, 2007

WC:Triple shock and a remarkable recovery

-By Swetha Amit
The start of the World cup had sent shock waves across the world. Beginning with the defeat of two strong teams to the less experienced ones.

India’s thrashing by Bangladesh and Pakistan’s ousting out of the series has come as a rude and unbelievable blow to millions. Accompanied with the latest news of Bob Woolmer’s sudden demise, has added fuel to the fire.

Pakistan who would have hardly recovered from their big blow, received another one, of their coach’s loss which has jolted them out of their wits. Leaving with high levels of confidence and soaring expectations would have naturally left the team members dejected and dismayed. They had to quit without even putting up a proper fight.

It was a horrifying plight to see the Indians thrashed in a pitiable manner. It appeared that the team slacked in its play, not realizing the potential of the minnows. It seemed that their underplaying was deliberate, depicting their over confidence, drawing parallels to the hare and tortoise story.

A number of enraged fans had expressed their unmistakable displeasure over this devastating defeat. Some let out war cries stating on how players not in form should be knocked off. While others were seen cursing the skipper and coach, few criticized the whole team. And some pleaded them to concentrate more on the sport than just endorsing brands.

However our beloved men in blue have managed to bring back the smiles on to their fans. With their spectacular total of 413, they have managed to create world cup history. They batted through their skin during the do or die situation. The marvelous sixes and fours whizzed by, leaving the crowd spell bound and delighted. Not to mention the impressive innings by players like Yuvraj, Ganguly, Tendulkar and Sehwag who was awarded the man of the match.

India did more than to make up for their previous disastrous performance. Realizing the adrenalin levels rising across the nation has propelled them to combat the fierce battle and brought forth their stupendous killer instinct.

The target of bowling out the opponent to about 150 seemed to grip them, especially when rain almost played spoilsport. However nature seemed to cast a merciful glance at the grounds below waving a goodbye as the game resumed again. With a bit of a struggle, wickets were grabbed greedily in the tension filled atmosphere.

The men in blue were back on track with their jubilant victory by 257 runs setting a world record. Let’s hope that their new found confidence is retained in the next big game against Sri Lanka which will determine their entry into the super 8. This will truly establish their supremacy.

Written for www.msn.co.in



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