Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Just Married:Marriage was only the beginning

-By Swetha Amit
Marriage was only the beginning. So does it depict the fairy tale ending of happily ever after?
Just married takes you to the story of two strangers who are bonded for life by the great Indian arranged marriage.

Abhay (Fardeen Khan) and Reetika (Esha Deol) complying with their parents wishes, agree to get married in a way unacceptable to both. This is a surprising thing in the present rebellious scenario of the 21st century. Two unknown individuals become life partners after barely a sole meeting and are on their way to their 5 day honeymoon to Ooty.

The unfamiliarity factor transpires the feeling of nervousness and awkwardness, which is only natural. It generates a lot of evasiveness from Reetika who is supported by an understanding and patient Abhay. Going all out, he tries to make her feel at utmost ease. From there begins a slow process of consummating into a blooming love after going through the usual hitches of fallouts and fights.

Their journey encounters them with other couples: An old nagging pair married for 40 years (Satish Shah and Kiron Kher); a passionate and almost perfect couple (Bikram Saluja and Perizaad Zorabian); Muslim childhood sweethearts (Mukul Dev and Sadiya Siddiqui) and a young NRI couple (Tarina Patel and Raj Zutshi).This seemingly portrays a resemblance to Honeymoon travels pvt ltd.Yet it’s certainly not a sequel to the latter. This brings to light the stark diversity of ideologies of individuals and an insight into the complexity of human relationships.

The climax is rather dampening with an uncorrelated melodrama adding a filmy aura of predictability to it.

Fardeen Khan gives a decent performance in his charming guy-next-door role. Esha Deol plays her part of a coy Indian wife quite well.Satish Shah and Kiron Kher add their comic elements with their effortless performances. Bikram Saluja and Perizaad Zorabian turn out to be the surprise package. The other couples contribute in their own special way.

Meghana Gulzar does a decent job and Pritam’s music turns out to be nothing less than average.
Just married is a sweet film. Yet it may not be identifiable in an era where the concept of arranged marriages is slowly phasing out. Overall a time pass entertainer. It is most likely to be watched by the newly wed or engaged to be married couples. It certainly goes to prove that though marriage is only a start, one has to go a long way to attain that fantasy and magical ending.

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