Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hat Trick: Doesn’t bowl you over

-By Swetha Amit
Bowled, caught and stumped!!

The cricket fever has spread like wild fire. Even Bollywood seems to have been bitten by the World cup bug, inspiring it to release a film around the same time.

Hat Trick portrays three parallel stories on a simultaneous basis. Each of these depicts the discovery of something within the characters displayed. Though it isn’t directly related to cricket, the game still manages to grab the backdrop of the theme.

The first story consists of a stoic Dr. Satyajit (Nana Patekar) who remains unemotional in both his personal or professional life. Whether it’s announcing a patient’s onset of death or communicating with his family, his words point blank equal him to a mechanical robot. Enter a patient David Abraham (Danny Denzongpa) a former cricketer with a fatal condition. His fun loving nature is accompanied with the obsession of cricket which fails to reach the understanding or empathy of Dr.Satyajit. How David brings about an entire change in the viewpoint of the latter adds an element of merriment to the tale.

The second story talks about Hemu Patel (Paresh Rawal) who is residing in the U.K with his wife and daughter. Hemu works as a janitor in the airport. However he boasts to his friends of being in the immigration and rubbing shoulders with the elite, including the infamous cricketer Imran Khan; in turn basking in their admiration. His obsession for attaining the citizenship in the foreign land drives him to the extent of even underplaying his true patriotism. This occurs much to the dismay of his beloved wife and scornful daughter. How he realizes his mistaken identity forms the rest of the narrative.

The third tale takes you to a newly married couple Sarabjit (Kunal Kapoor) and Kashmira (Rimi Sen) who are very much in love. However Kashmira finds Sarabjit glued to the world cup playing on television, paying minimal attention to her. A perplexed Kashmira finds solution in watching the sport along with her cricket crazy husband, only to become an ardent fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.Her new found fascination infuriates Sarabjit leading to a friction between the blessed pair with a possibility of resulting in a break up. How they realize their folly and finally make amends tells it all.

Nana Patekar does an excellent job as the no nonsense doctor. Danny Denzongpa is entertaining. Paresh Rawal is convincing as the confused Desi on foreign soil. Kunal Kapoor and Rimi Sen add to the charm.

The film goes to prove that how the characters fail to realize the essence of small things making a huge difference in complicated scenarios. It also emphasizes the fact of obsession of cricket or anything disrupts the ordinary routine of life which otherwise one can seek pleasure from. Raising stress/adrenalin levels or remaining detached will ruin one's momentary joy.

Milan Luthria’s Hat Trick doesn’t bowl you over or stump you. Nor does it take away your wicket. It promises an emotional, yet a light hearted entertainer with good dialogues, leaving its own impact.
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