Saturday, April 28, 2007

Grandeurs with Grandpa

-By Swetha Amit
Grandparents love marks its specialty by being bountiful. It can indeed make one resort to reminiscence and evoke them to stroll down the memory lane with feelings of nostalgia.
I am no exception.

Those glorious days with granddad were certainly unforgettable. The wonderful memories of spending my childhood with him make my eyes moist as I think of my late grandfather even today. A quick flashback brings forth the memorable instances which clearly play right in front of eyes now.

Being an early riser, his regular morning walks would be accompanied by me holding his hand delicately. Trotting by his side, my little voice would indulge in non stop chatter. The red hibiscus flower would greet us everyday allowing itself to be held in my tiny hands.
He used to take me to see the cows being milked each morning. My grandfather who was known for his impatience surprisingly chose to make an exception with me. He exhibited the patience of an ox as he stood by me while I gazed at these gentle creatures and fed them with green fodder. His stupendous and repeated narration of tales belonging to various genres depicted its similarity to that of a flowing river.

I can recall the numerous times we have played cards and the game of dice along with my grandmother. His devotion towards God and teaching me prayers made me strike an early friendship with the Almighty

I was told that I was the first grandchild to be carried by him and was proud to be his sole object of his affection. His unmistakable pride in me manifested itself in his never ending praises about me to his friends and neighbors’.

As each vacation ended and I got ready to go home, he would wistfully ask the time of my next visit. I used to eagerly look forward to every term holiday of mine. Every visit would leave me with an enthralling experience.

However as I grew older, my visits to him slowly diminished with my studies demanding a lot of my time. My interests swayed me into a different direction altogether, making me deviate from granddad and God. Perhaps the new entry of my younger cousins at a later stage entwined me into the pangs of jealousy. The fact of sharing his love with the other two triggered bitter feelings and drifted me away from him.

Years grew and so did I. One instance of seeing my grandfather at the hospital engulfed me with guilt as I realized my folly of having neglected him all these years. However his stay during summer made me relive those childhood days all over again. I got a chance to play those same games and hear those enthralling tales but now with a new sense of maturity. It was then I realized his eternal affection for me which had never vanished but he was mystified with my sudden indifference towards him.

Little did I know those summer months of April were the last I would see of him? I missed a chance to visit him one weekend thinking that I would do so the following one. That phone call after a few days about his unexpected fall changed things completely. He slipped into the battle between life and death. He was brought home to my place where he was treated day and night. I would often sit by his side talking earnestly as that little girl hoping for a response from him.

I wondered about the reason for his state. It was probably his way of spending his last few months with me and making up for the gap that occurred. Maybe it was his manner of making amends for my feelings of insecurity. And also steering me to the right path from which I had drifted. I renewed my friendship with God discovering the road less traveled to spirituality.

As he closed his eyes forever, a new realization dawned like a ray of light. It embarked the emergence of a stronger person in me. The knowledge I possess today is attributed to him. It has taught me not to take anything for granted. Though he is no more, I still feel his omnipresence as he showers his eternal blessings on me from above.

I think it is essential to spend quality time with grandparents. One can be amazed at what they would learn from these old and wise souls. What one passes on to each generation is inherited from these aged couple. Basking in the affection of old people is indeed a form of blessing. One should refrain from procrastinating visits to their grandparents. Life is filled with twists and turns with uncertainty lurking at every corner.

As the minutes tick away, the clock says that it cannot bring back the lost time of the past. So why not make it meaningful and loving by devoting some of it to revered people? Instead why should we allow ourselves to fall prey to remorse and guilt for not having fulfilled a certain duty/desire when we had the chance?

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