Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The starry event

-By Swetha Amit
It’s no mystery of April 20th being a 'special' day for more than one reason. The junior B has managed to win a million hearts and have the world bow before his feet (on a literal basis). After much speculation, the D day for Ash to be accepted as the Bachchan Bahu was decided upon.

The media seemed to go crazy hanging around ‘Jalsa’ and Prateeksha’, eager to get a glimpse of the most happening news. The wedding happened to cover the main page of most leading newspapers and marriage between two celebrities seemed the only news that reporters were running after. It appeared that all other crucial happenings were eclipsed behind this ‘drama’ and resulted in taking a back seat. Perhaps to view this entire celebration? Wasn’t that going overboard? This was especially, when they were kept deliberately out of the so called "private "ceremony.

It was portrayed to be the seemingly biggest event that ever took place on this earth. Well, they say marriages are made in Heaven, but does one have to make it appear like some divine wedding was taking place? Everything from the names of the dress designers to the guest list were repeated like some gramophone record. All the news channels seem to video tape the wedding procession. Reasons to why other celebrities were cold shouldered were cited. Does the public care?

To make matters worse, the roads were blocked and people were forced to take another route which disrupted their normal movements. The police force seemed to direct their activities towards taking care of the wedding alone. Was such excessive number of force needed at the cost of neglecting their other ‘duties?’

The entire paparazzi were caught up with the wedding ‘virus. Nothing else appeared to have occupied their minds and the TV screens. For full two hours or more, everything else seemed to virtually come to a stand still. The obsession of getting a glimpse of the stars caused them to ignore other important issues happening across the world. Not as much coverage was given to other current affairs occurring around the globe, as much as this ‘starry event’ was.

Unfortunately today is the era where news channels seemed to cover a majority of their segment on entertainment. Other deserving issues which are essential to be brought to the limelight are forcibly omitted.
Not to mention the ‘new twist’ that was brought into the so called fairy tale. Sort of a filmy drama where the villain (vamp in this case) was trying to sabotage the wedding?

Even after the celebrations are over, the obsessive persistence has certainly not died down. The newly weds' trip to Tirupathi, has received an extensive coverage in the print media as well. Speculations are rife about their honeymoon plans and adjustment of the new bride with her in-laws’. What next? Haven’t the media said and done enough? Is marriage between two stars such a big event that can cause the dereliction of other important mishaps? Isnt it high time to concentrate on the real issues instead of reel ones?

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