Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Campus terror

-By Swetha Amit
The shootout at Virginia has caused a commotion in the minds of millions. Many are perplexed and baffled at the acts of terror occurring in a supposedly secure educational setting. Students especially are shaken by this entire episode. Colleges/schools which are considered as a ‘safe’ zone are now viewed as a threatening belt.

The grave act of the 23 year old South Korean campus resident has caused several to tremble with fear. The merciless firing of bullets has resulted in many casualties and injuries to innocent individuals. One of the deceased victims was Professor Loganathan of Indian origin, who was a campus resident. His unexpected death has left behind a helpless family, mourning over the loss of their pillar of support. His aged mother is unable to gain clarity in understanding as to why her son was a target of such terror.

The culprit was reported to have apparently been residing in the campus. The mere thought of having been living amidst a killer, all these days would have indeed sent shivers down the spine for other students. It is reported to be the deadliest shootout ever in the USA and has left the whole world shocked.

It is horrifying to realize that such incidents occurring usually at country borders and war zones can even extend up to the neutral grounds of a prim educational set up. It is even more shocking to see professors being tormented by cruel acts of terrorism. Going by past instances such as the incident occurred in Ujjain of a faculty being killed by the aggressive stance of the students, certainly propels one to think: Is this the respect they get in return for their noble acts of imparting knowledge?

Education and terrorism which are two separate words in a dictionary are forcibly merged together resulting in a negative impact of the society. At the rate of which crime is increasing, makes one wonder about the future existence of the words ‘safety’ and ‘humanity’. Faultless beings such as professors and students have to pay for sheer acts of fanaticism. Is it fair to let others suffer because of such delinquent behaviour?

It propels one to trace the motive behind such acts. Is it revenge? Is it plain sadistic pleasure to see others going through misery and anguish? Does it spell out power for the killer by just mere pointing of the gun? Is it cowardice that is veiled behind such devilish demeanor? This can indeed assure a case of simplicity replaced by the complex malfunctioning of the criminal’s brain.

This unbelievable massacre is something that will be submerged deep into the minds of people. The physical injuries of the affected are likely to leave psychological scars on a permanent basis. A question that lingers is how safe are American universities? Will it necessarily bring down student applications? Will it denote the fearful stature of each academic oriented individual? Or will this also pass as just another incident? Time will reveal it all.

Meanwhile, it is high time to initiate methods to prevent such events henceforth. Education must certainly take up a stand in imparting knowledge on the ill effects of such violence. The hazardous consequences of delinquent acts must be emphasized upon. One should state the grief that is caused to millions due to these Hannibal actions. An in-depth study as to how to gain control over one’s behavior will make a world of a difference. Anger which is known to be one of the causes should be taught to people on its ability to be controlled. One should realize that assertiveness can be achieved successfully without resorting to aggression. The prime example is Mahatma Gandhi who proved his supremacy and power with his non violence Stan.

It is of immense importance that schools and colleges include a course that teaches one the prevention of delinquency ultimately leading to reduction of the unwarranted bloodshed. In other words, students should be engineered into the management of their deadly emotions which will prevent the of spark violence in any form. After all, we all want to do away with campus terror, don’t we?

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