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Unrestrained musings of a traveller

It’s true that travel is no doubt the best teacher. Indeed it opens your mind to a gateway of experiences making it seeming almost surreal and yet portrays a reality that leaves you awe inspiring. Exploring into various parts of the world, right from remote corners of poverty, to plush locales of silver sand beaches amidst the heights of luxury denotes an exhilarating experience in different ways.

Over the past few years I have travelled like never before on a frequent basis all over the country and abroad. Intriguing and enthralling experiences is what I come away with as souvenirs with each location leaving its imprint in a firm manner. It’s astounding to realize that there’s so much to see and so little time. Every time I return from a vacation, my mind traverses back to the list of to see places already planning for a next getaway. Call it impatience, restlessness or morbidity as it makes me want to live life like there’s no tomorrow. But isn’t it true that while one day everything is fine as a castle on clouds and the next day an unexpected catastrophe destroys that very place making it seem almost nonexistent? Either its resurged by militants or plundered by nature’s fury. It makes one wistful of the fact that they could have gone when they had the chance.

My passion for travelling unfolded as I realized the significance of discovering several tucked away locales having plenty to offer in an unexpected manner. To an extent where it has propelled me to share such beautiful experiences in my own literary way. And the quest to see more has increased double fold as I make a list of places I would definitely want to visit in my lifetime. Locations that I probably heard and read about and yet nothing can justify its splendour until visited in person.

Lakshadweep Islands: It seems to be an unexplored jewel of India on viewing the pictures. The crystal clear waters depict certain serenity about them making it ideal for a getaway from the hullaballoo of the bustling city life. I read somewhere that it was one of the best places for Scuba Diving especially for beginners. Possessing an adventurous streak, this has no doubt excited me to definitely explore the underwater world. Surely it’s bound to be better than the undersea walk experience in Mauritius?

Kenya Safari: Being an ardent animal lover has often made me tune on to channels like Discovery and Animal Planet. Watching those big cats in action had my eyes widened at the majestic aura of the wonderful species. Acknowledging the wild streak in me I often wondered what it would be like to see such wild fauna in the vicinity and a good probability of having breakfast amidst them. Ravishing reviews from a friend stating it as a must see place has already set in a determination to visit it at any cost. Never mind the atrocities that people warn me about Kenya as it seems worth a risk. My travel agent has already given me a thumbs-up along with an itinerary. I really hope to enrich my fauna expedition with my visit here and this time I certainly do not need a remote in my hand.

Kashmir: Heaven on earth was what it was claimed to be by those lucky beings having cruised through this valley of vivacity. Sadly at present it seems to be a living hell on earth consisting of curfews and terror. It was once to India what Switzerland is to Europe. It is strange that while I visited the latter the former still seems to be on my To-see list. The closest I toured was to Vaishno Devi in 2007. Wish I had paid heed to my impulse to drive from Jammu into Kashmir. All I can do is to await hope in the valley of Paradise.

Mount Abu and Ranthambore: I did visit Rajasthan six months ago. Yet time didn’t permit me to visit these two places mentioned. Given the next opportunity I would love to tour these places which are recommended for adventure lovers and the latter being known for tigers and wild life mainly.

Leh and Ladakh: A ten day tour consisting of a trek mainly was recommended by my travel agent. The prospect of which sounded thrilling making me vow to take off just for this mountaineering expedition. I can almost feel the Himalayan Hangover already just by the mere thought of walking amidst the great range.

Australia and New Zealand: Either of the cricket teams may not fall in the list of my favourites but nevertheless heard so much about both making me want to visit to satiate my curiosity levels. Being a sea person, Australia proves to be an exciting prospect in several ways. Oh I must remember to include Tasmania along with it. The latter gained fame after the LOTR series and has brought in rave reviews about being a wonderland in itself.

Bora Bora Island: This French Polynesian in the Pacific sure is an eye candy while surfing through the pictures. Feeding the sharks option was what caught my eye and further enhanced when I read somewhere about being able to swim along with the same. The closest one can get to nature with this creature which is sure to be a life time experience. Found that it takes several hours to get there and have vowed to develop my patience levels to sit through the flight before I decide to go there. But certainly will visit sometime. When? A million dollar question.

So what is it that makes me love travelling so much? I need to get away from routine and monotony, the lack of which stifles my growth as a person and fear of ending up as a Bonsai. Call it an escapist streak in my personality but not to an extent that it makes me not want to come back at all. In fact a change of scene does wonders for me making me feel like a new person altogether and charged to get back to work like never before. Constant bombarding by professional hazards and people many a time makes me lose myself. A getaway accompanied with solitude restores the ability to get in touch with myself once again. The luxury to relax and admire the vivid surroundings around me eases the stress out of my grey cells. Also it enables me to keep a constant check on the changes creeping inside my personality. Not to mention the continuity of my journey along the learning curve.

A lot may be happening in Mumbai- experiences that can make one see the gradual shades of grey soon. This explains a valid reason to get away. Yet it’s a city which possesses that magnetic pull that urges one to want to come back irrespective of how far they venture. And I am no exception. Especially if one loves it like the way I do. I cannot imagine residing anywhere else. The reason for which would include a whole post by itself.

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Blogger Ayesha Parveen said...

Thanks Swetha. Do write on Mumbai. Would love to read it as I have always wanted to visit the city. Best wishes :)

10:04 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Thanks Ayesha. Sure..will definitely be writing my next post about Mumbai.:-)

5:28 AM  
Blogger KParthasarathi said...

Tanzania is another enchanting place I hear with Serengeti safari,Mazai tribes and Kilimanjaro mountains.Go out to the unknown places in the world to explore and tell us all the glories of your journey.You write so well bringing vividly before our mind's eye the sceneries as you see and enjoy.You have a gifted pen or should I say keyboard.

2:38 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

That great. I would certainly love to visit such places. Will definitely include it in my list. Thanks KP.:-)

10:16 PM  
Blogger GreyPilgrim said...

Hi--- Nice write up of Travel,Ranthambore in Sawai Madhapor Dist. is bigger than Sariska in Alwar infested with the Big Cats and at Mount Abu the sunset is a beauty to watch. You must travel between Jodhpur to Udaipur during the monsoon there by Road/Train and its a splendid sight to watch.Himachal is a splendid place to drive too.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

@Grey Pilgrim: Sounds fact Udaipur was another place I missed out. Should certainly plan to visit Rajasthan once again-Mt Abu esp. Thanks a lot. Do keep visiting.:-)

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:53 AM  
Blogger Venkat said...

hey swetha.. happened to see ur quest for ladakh trip.. we did one 4 yrs back.. u have to do the road trip from manali to leh and its safe... trust me...

4:59 PM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Heyy thanks a lot. went through the blog..real useful info...looks to be a beautiful place. cant wait to go aready!!:-)

9:25 PM  

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