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‘Revolutionary Road’: Unravels seven year itch

-By Swetha Amit

Right. The infamous seven year itch is what one usually hears jokingly in a party consisting of newly married couples or oldies. Its ugly face or rather phase in this case is highlighted on when it tunes into a serious note with words lashing out not necessarily musical to the ears. The frustrations, disappointments, blame games linger on continuously till a threshold point beyond which the relationship collapses. However one can hardly imagine that such differences can lead to cause a tragic moment. Such is the dysfunctional aspect of human nature or should one attribute it to incompatibility, intolerance, irritability or a combination of all?

Revolutionary Road starts off on a high pitch note literally as a middle aged couple driving down the highway drive each other crazy. April (Kate Winslet) and Frank (Leonardo Dicaprio) face the mid life crisis trying to cope up with unfulfilled dreams, desires, ambitions and the monotonous lifestyles. The non stimulating routine causes a sudden decision to move to Paris for a change to revitalise their souls. However unexpected circumstances occur due to which the relocating plans come to a halt. Little do the couple realize that the turn of events would take a drastic turn for the worst? Such that it would lead to a change in their lives forever ending on a bitter note and a permanent scar.

Based on a novel by Richard Yates, the film brilliantly portrays the seven year itch that the couple face. It also promises riveting performances by the lead actors and marvellous direction by Sam Mendes exhibiting its deserved Oscar Nominations. Several sequences of the film cruises through wry humour, flurry of emotions, murky elements of adultery and flings, the evident differences and dissatisfied life of the couple. The realistic nature of the film is such that it leaves the viewers with a bitter taste in their mouths yet not without an awe and admiration for the poignant portrayal of the complexities in a marred relationship.

Several aspects of the movie prove to be thought provoking as it results in one ruminating seriously on the characters and the entire concept which is so pertaining to life in general. Raging emotions, war of words and the cries of anguish can be avoided with constantly revitalising themselves along with their partner’s. Such enhances the relationship to a higher level of understanding and respect. The psychological angles are depicted especially when April displaces her unmet needs for change on to her husband Frank convincing him of finding himself finally. To which the latter agrees until things turn in his favour bringing out the selfish motives. Disappointment pierces April which is brought out in an animosity quite cold in its stature bordering it to almost indifference. Compromises, sacrifices made seem to go over the board as leading a mundane life becomes unbearable making her resort to extreme measures.

It teaches one that relationships when not addressed from both angles, leads to one eventually losing other to an extent where one may never get that chance to atone. There may be no scope for the road to recovery in such a case which is what Sam Mendes’s Revolutionary Road unravels.
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Blogger Ayesha Parveen said...

A well-written review. Thanks Swetha.

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Thanks a lot Ayesha.:-)

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Anupam - Gurgaon on 3/10/2009 2:48:13 PM
The road to salvation in a marraige is mutual respect, boundless patience and equality between sexes. The cocoction gives a heady high to the brew if relationships are assessed time and helps both parties to function on the premise that men are from mars and women from venus! Sacrifices are need based but often take a toll on the relationship as they seem one - sided. The key is to express ones angst that the sacrifice has most certainly resulted in with complete honesty and the partner accepts the feeling with an air of Zen - like non judgement. The need to evaluate happiness quotient in their marraige every five years, will keep them working on it and this will help the relationship evolve. Another golden rule should be to 'serve before self'; give and communicate what you would like to receive....difficult to do?...Thinking in this manner will reduce or remove the black tug of frustration. Honest expression of all emotion, non judgementally will repair and reconstruct the foundation, time and again. This will work towards great compassion for each other leading to a healthy life!

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