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Creating our own destruction

-By Swetha Amit
It’s not every movie which makes you draw inferences from what was mistaken for a light hearted entertainer at least from the promos. However when it does, it ceases one to indulge in cerebral rumination marvelling at how similar the scenarios depicted in the film are to real life ones.

‘Barah Aana’ may not have gotten rave reviews. Neither does it live up to high expectations. However certain instances with its twists and turns did make me ponder about the ironical stance that was brought out eventually. The story is about 3 men belonging to the under privileged section of the society-a driver, a watchman and a waiter who are thick friends. The film showcases the frustrations exhibited by each character and their cynical view to life. All three lead a simple living until an unexpected turn of events bring about shades of grey, succumbing them into a trap of treacherous crime of kidnapping. And yet the strangest part lay in the fact that none was inclined to choose the path of chicanery. As the last line stated clearly that a man wanted nothing more than the simplest things of life.

Going back into the film, some of the scenes are quite appalling drawing sympathy from the viewers. It gives a chance for us to look at life from a different angle/side opening quite a bit of our perspective. One of which includes the watchman played by Vijay Raaz pleading for an advance to the owners of a plush society to meet the medical expenses of his son. And this is met with vehement refusal stating the lack of enough resources from the same. And yet on the other hand they spend 2000 INR on junk food as narrated by the tearful character in a stirring manner. His reasoning was that of the possessing the capacity to give and yet choose not to.

The driver played by Naseeruddin Shah to an affluent couple bears the brunt of insults hurled by the woman boss. Having to put up with false accusations, labelled as a dirty mongrel and not even being addressed by his name proves to take a toll until the threshold is reached. As he narrates his experience, our hearts immediately reach out to him for having being subjected to inconsideration and insensitivity. The third character is in want of money to lend a helping hand to his foreigner love who turns out to be a crook. All three reach heights of desperation which propels them to take the forbidden route that they stumble upon accidently.

Taking each incident into account, it made me realize that these were common occurrences that one gets to see in a day to day life. A watchman being taunted to the maximum in a plush society worth crores and yet many a time it’s a miser like attitude adopted by the residents. Why? Is it fear of not having their money returned? Scared that such money may be obtained for the wrong purpose? While such apprehensions may not be unfounded, it may not hurt to practise social responsibility once in a while for a good cause.

Similarly in the driver’s case, I have seen quite a few reprimand their own ones in a severe manner often making a mountain out of a molehill. The poor chap hangs his head in shame especially when insulted in front of strangers. Is it to show their ‘superior’ position? Is it fear of being taken over if enough authority isn’t exhibited? Is it a stance adopted to show off in front of their social circle? In the bargain making a poor man a scapegoat of their insensitive remarks?

It is indeed a shame to see such supposedly ‘educated’ class indulge in such lowly behaviour. One fails to realize that taunts exceeded beyond ones tolerance bursts into quest for revenge and hatred. Failure in showing consideration to those not so privileged in more than one way results in the increasing rates of miscreants in the society. What does it hurt us to contribute a generous share of resources which we have been blessed with in abundance to the needy at times? It’s true that there are many who strive for one meal a day or in need of money to run their family. Helping others socially would work wonders once in a way. Similarly it is important to take care in handling those not so privileged. The latter already possess a complex with regard to their socio economic status and demeaning them would only result in us spreading malice in the society.

Contemplating about all this couldn’t help me but think that somewhere down the line, are we responsible in creating such miscreants in the society? Injustice meted out to them is worsened by harsh treatment and individual callousness. In desperation man can even kill especially when it comes to saving his skin, kith and kin. Are we by our failure to realize this giving rise to petty crimes that would invariably destroy us? In other words are we creating our own destruction by our impertinent folly? If only one looks at the world from a different window will they view the imbalances in a perfect manner? Does it mean turning into a socialist or becoming a leveller? Maybe not entirely attainable but possible nevertheless.
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Blogger Ayesha Parveen said...

A thoughful analysis of the movie. Thanks Swetha.

3:20 AM  
Blogger A New Beginning said...

Wll reviewed!

5:43 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Thanks a lot Ayesha and New Beginning!!!

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