Monday, August 06, 2007

Unconventional companions

-By Swetha Amit

Companionship is one delightful aspect which can be extended even beyond the world of humans. Many have found their uncanny solace and support with their unspoken bond with the domesticated animal kingdom.

Loneliness is an increasing factor in the present scenario. Being hard pressed for time, different priorities and commitments of others lead to millions often being by themselves. This unbearable solitude leaves such companionless souls in pangs of misery. They grope in search for an alternative which ultimately becomes their best friend in due course of time.

In moments of melancholy, we often long for a lending ear to pour out our suppressed feelings to. We long for that comforting embrace which provides a soothing balm to our wrecked nerves. We need those understanding and non judgmental eyes which would reassure us saying all will be well. With the current busy and turbulent schedules, people’s acts are forcibly aimed at indulging in selfish behaviour which leaves them with no time for others. Often there are instances of being encountered with fair weathered friends who conveniently disappear during times like these. Or there is a lack of empathy, sympathy, patience, time or the inability to relate to others problems.

With this increasing common phenomenon it is these little creatures which provide us the most wanted comfort zone.

It has become a common stance for many to adopt a pet or two which eventually turn out to become an integral part of their lives. Dogs are the most popular choice. Known for their unmistakable faithfulness and loyalty, they provide humans with the needed strength during times of crisis especially. There are some who resort to adopting cats as well. Very few are known to have guinea pigs or pet rabbits. Out in the evergreen contours of the countryside, humans are known to be fond of horses.

It may be surprising to know that these animals have their unique manner in extending their sensitive gestures. They have this exceptional way of sensing something wrong with our state of mind. As we communicate, they listen with keenness by perking up their sharp ears. Their eyes depict the concern as they seemingly understand our inner turmoil. However they are helpless as they are unable to communicate soft words in the human language. Nevertheless it does not restrict their gentle expressions with a meek whine, meow or a neigh. Sometimes they even extend their furry paw or a subtle hug by hustling closer to us.

Such mannerisms bring in tremendous relief as we look at them with gratitude for having been there during times like these. Driving away the doom spells of blues they have proved their worth of being a friend in need. This exclusive bond is formed as they make up for our solitary years to come by.

There are many who may not notice these creatures due to their mute demeanor. Yet they are not worthless or a burden as some portray them to be. They may be unable to talk back or provide the necessary advice.

However it dawns upon us individuals that what we need during moments of sadness is a good listener and not a flurry of advices. Often we have been through instances where we merely wished for someone to just hear us out with a patience of an ox haven’t we? And we encounter bouts of disappointment when our fellow humans are caught up in a world of their own troubles and do not devote time to us. Even during occasions of joy and elation we want someone to bask in our glory and share our exuberance with. It is then that these tiny beings play their pivotal roles.

Lending their stoic support and backing during our roller coaster rides; these ‘unconventional companions’ certainly deserve a special mention especially today and every day to come by as they grow in stature and importance in our precious lives.

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