Wednesday, August 01, 2007

An appetite-we can do without

-By Swetha Amit
Lakshmi’s article on non vegetarian dated 31.7.07 was a very touching one and brought tears to my eyes as I could almost feel the pain of the animals through her write up.

Being a non -vegetarian in the past due to my initial upbringing abroad, I have now become a vegetarian of which I have no regrets about. It was that one particular day when I pointed out an adorable looking chicken to my mother who replied saying that ‘"it was what you had consumed". These words were more than enough to change my mind instantly.

I was horrified at the thought of having been heartless enough to eat a tiny little helpless creature like that. The worse thing lay in the fact that I was indirectly contributing to its merciless slaughtering. From there on I made a vow never to lay hands on non vegetarian again.
A keen observation of the animal kingdom over the past years has made me realize their inherent feelings that they possess. Factors like parenthood are prevalent largely in their world similar to that of humans. The only difference being their speechless demeanor which propels them to exhibit their affection in a unique way. Being an ardent lover of animals it pains me to see them stoned/whipped in a harsh manner or even hurt.

Are domesticated animals only reared for such purpose and nothing else? Is it not possible for us humans to allow them to coexist in peace? Should we take them away from their kith and kin only to fulfill our appetites?

We view terrorism with dread and disgust as they entice and take away our faultless loved ones away for their selfish motives. How different are we when we slaughter these creatures to satiate a need in us? We all realize the feeling of losing our near and dear ones to these Hannibal acts. Why should we give the same feeling to them?

Before we consume non veg, a minute’s thought about their cries of pain before being slaughtered and their loved ones mourning over their loss is bound to make us think twice. After all we do not want to be the cause for another creature’s mental anguish do we?

Today, whenever I encounter bouts of misery and turmoil, I deep down attribute that to be the penalty that I maybe paying for my past actions in consuming these harmless beings.
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