Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Bhagalpur brutality

-By Swetha Amit
The horrifying incident in Bhagalpur has left millions shell shocked at the cruel manhandling by the mobs and cops.

It was reported that Salim who was caught snatching a chain was preyed upon by the hungry and angry mass who gave him more than what he deserved. One couldn’t help drawing parallels to a group of blood thirsty hounds attacking their underdog. Beating him black and blue, they managed to bruise him in more than one way and probably caused scars that even time cannot heal.

It is true that this petty theft act by the victim was wrong and needed a lawful bid. The accused of any crime irrespective of its degree deserves to be reformed and meted out a disciplinary action in order to make him realize his misdeed.

However, on no account does it call for barbaric punitive measures where he was dragged around in a motor cycle like some sacrificial animal being taken for its execution. It was a detestable sight to see this repulsive act shockingly carried out by an otherwise supposedly respectable officer.

It makes one to draw similarities with that of inhuman terrorism only this time in legalized uniforms. The stark contrast comes into play here as one ponders about a section of the uniform clad personnel fighting terror and the others consciously or subconsciously creating it on the pretext of doing justice to their occupation.

Any wrong doing of an individual does not imply one to take an inflicting stance which is derogatory and violating human rights just because they are policemen. It is ironical especially when such officials are appointed in order to safeguard citizens and personify security and law. By slaughtering a man’s physical and psychological being does NOT emphasize fulfillment of their responsibilities or duties.

Proving their point as cops lies in the fact of being honest and doing justice to their uniforms which they pledged before entering into this noble service. Attending to queries and ensuring immediate actions; not succumbing to pressures and the lure to get higher ‘rewards' is what depicts a good INDIAN officer. Standing up for your ethical conscience telling you the rights and wrongs will earn respect and admiration of many.

One should remember that harsh techniques are used only in severe circumstances and not when dealing with a single person and for a petty crime. Snatching away humanity altogether, this Bhagalpur brutality calls for a stern intervention by the human rights commission to take up the needful measures. This is to prevent further occurrences similar to that of Salim’s in the near future.

After the masked faces of horror and the deafening shrieks, we certainly do not want to be subjected to a ‘disguised’ form of terrorism, do we?
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