Sunday, August 05, 2007


-By Swetha Amit
A walk down the memory lane brings back the nostalgic moments of the exhilarating experiences with some important people in different stages of our lives-Friends.

They have managed to evoke various emotions which have helped in shaping our raw personalities right from our childhood to our adult years till eternity. These are the individuals who have been met at various moments during this lifetime. Some are still around while others have chosen a different pathway. Yet they have managed to instill the worldly wise knowledge in us in their own unique manner which has been the essential lifetime lessons.

Today’s fast paced lives leave us with very little time. So little that we hardly have any for our near and dear ones. The journey in life progresses to that phase which scatters us in different parts of the globe.

The distance factor has been minimized with the technological advancement of the virtual world but it certainly does not compensate the fact of being with one another personally due to circumstantial hazards. Yet our memories never fail to remember one another on special occasions.

Today is one such day-(especially being a SundayJ), where they deserve the time, appreciation and acknowledgement. So taking time off and spending certain treasured minutes will indeed bring us back the exuberance and joyous moments. This will revive and rejenuvate our almost lost personalities in the whirl of routines and turbulence of the maddening and contemporary scenario.
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