Friday, May 25, 2007

A WILD sadistic pleasure?

-By Swetha Amit
Going wild seems to have different connotations. It appears that humans are attempting to seek pleasure from more than just rave parties and alcohol.

It is a shocking state to see the occurrence of numerous murders, shoot outs and bomb blasts that have almost eclipsed the feelings of compassion in humanity. It is even more appalling to see the sadistic tinge of humans going as far as to feed live creatures to please the royalty of the animal kingdom.

The news channels have covered a horrifying sight of such instances which portray the barbaric side of tourism. Apparently, a new scheme has been introduced to see the wilder side of the wild in order to attract a larger number of tourists. A bull was mercilessly let out of a van only to be preyed ruthlessly by ravenously hungry tigers. One could almost empathize with the otherwise strong bull to be put in a helpless and pitiable situation.

Imagine facing a group of ferocious enemies all by yourself without anyone coming to your aid? It almost draws parallels to the grim slaughter of Abimanyu in the "chakaravyu" of the Mahabharata war.

To make matters worse, all this is done to provide entertainment to a large crowd? Is it fair? Will they allow a man to be thrown amidst the beasts? Hue and cry would have followed such events. Are animals being taken advantage of, only because of their mute and voiceless demeanor?

It is a different story altogether when such fierce creatures hunt down other animals on their own in the wild forest habitats. But such deliberate acts of cruelty, done in order to increase revenue and amusement?

It makes one wonder the difference between human beings and the savage creatures. We, who are known for our sensitivity and kindness, have proved the world wrong. This horrendous incident is sure to enrage animal lovers across the world. It is high time that the government takes action against the brutal treatment meted out to these creatures. Such acts of cruelty certainly require handing out reprimanding punishments to those behind such Hannibal behaviour.

With terrorism, bomb blasts, plundering innocent lives, kidnappings and cold blooded murders; one ceases to wonder about the inexplicable goings on in the world. What is it that has led to such delinquent behaviour? At the rate of which such incidents are happening, is it depicting the diminishing levels of benevolence and humaneness?

In other words, is the sadistic wild pleasure of humans embarking the beginning of a gradual decline of the domesticated zone on planet earth?

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