Monday, May 14, 2007

Marvels of a mom

-By Swetha Amit
Mothers are those souls whose bond with us begins even before we grace our entry into the outside world. Entwined in the warmth of her delicate womb, marks the beginning of her never-ending nature of nurture.

These irreplaceable beings emerge from a protective demeanor and go on to become our friend, guide and philosopher carrying with them an unconditional bundle of love.
My mom is no different, yet she stands apart from the rest, emphasizing her inherent special stance. Reminiscence brings back the marvelous memoirs with mom whom I consider my best friend.

Being the only child, gave me the privilege of being her sole object of affection and attention. My restless nature and my continuous mischief often exasperated her. Yet, her continued portrayal of tolerance and patience on her sweet face would often make me feel like a little devil being smiled down upon by the goodness of an angel.

I recall the bawling experiences of my first encounters with the real world. It made me tremble at the thought of having to leave those protective arms and stand on my own feet. However the incentives of looking forward to her greeting me with the mouth watering cooked dishes motivated me slowly to emerge as an outgoing person.

From the word go, I was encouraged to read which made me strike a strong friendship with the world of words. Books and I became inseparable. This new found friendship was what kept me company, when my mom began to pursue her career. I did her proud with my consistent good performances.

As I grew in my academic stature and age, so did my relationship with mom. From a no nonsense disciplinarian who would frown upon my slackness in studies, she turned out to become more of a friend as realization dawned upon her that I was no longer her little girl anymore. Taking efforts to increase the comfort zones, assured me of the ease with which I could ask her anything under the sun without being met with any resistance on her part or any inhibitions or embarrassments for me.

Complications increased with age and stage, whether it was adjusting with people, relationships, or dealing with my insecurities. Yet her constant advices as an agony aunt would act as a coolant to my blazing temperament. My oscillating mood swings and tantrums would never wither her solid personality. She remained like a rock withstanding any adverse situation.

Taking her for granted I never realized her value until one incident. Her crucial operation made me stumble as I struggled to watch her go through pain and fight the battle. It was then I realized the submerged subconscious independent person I was due to her long working hours away from home. Admiring her for her grit, strength and determination I go on to emulate her.

Quitting her job later gave us the golden opportunity to spend quality time that we had lost out during those years. We discovered our common interests in movies, dining out and travel. Her fun loving nature and free spirit was no less than a young adult which made her more like my pal. The spiritual streak in her and admirable belief in God depicted the remarkable maturity in her. Her numerous teachings restored me into taking the holy pathway which marked the growth in me as a newer person.

She gave me the space and freedom to choose my future prospects. When I turn to her even today, she remains an ardent listener to my flurry of frustrations.

That unspoken understanding and inexplicable telepathy strengthened our bond even further despite residing in separate cities and will continue to do so eternally.

Portraying the perfect flexible parenting style, I look back with gratitude at her for standing by me as a needy friend, worst critic, and a spiritual teacher. Spending time with mom has taught me the simplicity of things with a complex tinge and to keep my head firmly on my shoulders at all times. It has imbibed the values in me which I look forward to proudly impart to my kith and kin in the future.

Many say that words can never truly denote the meaning of a mother. Some may dispute the concept of expressing the exhilarating factor of motherhood only on one particular day.

Yes, their specialty deserves dedication rightly not just on one day but every minute, hour of the day as the calendar ticks away the countless weeks and milestones. After all moms are the best aren’t they?
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