Monday, May 14, 2007

Maternal instincts

-By Swetha Amit
The charming factor of motherhood lies in the fact of it not being restricted to the world of humans alone. It is universal. While people exhibit the motherly bond, one can certainly not ignore the maternal instincts prevalent largely in the animal kingdom.

It gives immense pleasure to see the different strokes for different folks and the same principle applied amongst these varied creatures.

Just like we shield our young ones from danger, the fauna species are no different. This special link exists; from the shrewd monkeys to the gracious royal family of the jungles. Even the flighty birds portray care and nurture as they run from pillar to post in search of food and building their cozy nests.

It starts from, the litter of puppies fighting amongst themselves to bask in their mothers love. Kittens lazily curl themselves with occasional playful jibes at one another to grab the mother cat’s attention. It gives one a pleasing sight to see an innocent wide eyed calf snuggle against the warmth of the gentle cow and struggling to find its feet on the new soil. A kid in any country side dutifully follows the goat in its daily routine. A colt being nuzzled by the mare and galloping by its side in an open field can delight any passer by.

This domesticated feeling even extends up to the wild abode of the forests. It is surprising to see the sensitive side of these untamed and seemingly ruthless specimens. The mighty elephant which appears relentless astounds one as it wails on seeing its young one in trouble. Similarly the manner in which the baby monkeys wrap themselves in their mother’s physique is an adorable sight. The beautiful eyed doe looks in pride at the little deer slowly opening its eyes to the colorful world.

The duck swims leading its little ducklings to master the art of swimming in the early stages itself. Even the owl which portrays a scowl on everyone chooses it to make it an exception with its children. She tenderly smiles as she watches her little ones emerge into adults on a hunting expedition for their food. The little squirrels and birds scurry about finding food for their eagerly waiting hungry ones back home.

It would amaze many to realize the sensitivity of a lioness tucked away deep inside beneath its ferocious and aggressive demeanor. She is known to be fiercely protective about her meek little cubs. The queen of the jungle certainly shows no hesitation in expressing her wrath against any danger to her kith and kin.

Her flamboyance surfaces as she flaunts her unmistakable affection on the young heirs to the throne. She tenderly grips her little ones steering them away from any threat, particularly in the form of mankind.It’s an irony to see the staunch state of motherhood playing a vital role. Humans protect their babies from the wild whom they perceive as danger. While the latter do the same viewing man as a threatening factor.

The animals and birds unlike the humans do not restrict their families to just one or two children but extend it to a large number. Elephants live in herds truly exhibiting the spirit of a clan. In their own manner, they impart the importance of sharing and living together as one big happy family.

Their affection is distributed equally to all and no favoritism is encouraged. This prevents sibling rivalry and any form of insecurity or jealousy creeping in the minds of their little ones! It depicts the admirable trait in them for inculcating the right values from an early age and the trend is continued forever.

Though these species are unable to converse any particular language, yet they have a unique manner of being a friend, philosopher and guide to their children. They have their own way of expressing emotions like happiness, sorrow, anger and ensure a protective stance for their little ones.

Words speak a lot but in the case of the fauna world, it’s the autocratic role of their maternal instinct which establishes their unmistakable motherhood demeanor. They display motherhood and weave their emotions into one bundle of eternal joy.

A big tribute to those mothers as well on this very special day!
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