Saturday, May 26, 2007

Render the royalty

-By Swetha Amit

Time traces back to when man overthrew the monarchy rule to enjoy democracy.
History seems to be repeating itself with the same objective being extended into the fauna world.

It is no mystery to millions about the recent drastic reduction in the number of tigers in the Indian sub continent. According to the expert sources, the big cats have diminished by an alarming 50-60%.

So what is it that is leading to these elite creatures to becoming the most endangered species? There seems to be more to it than what meets the eye.

It appears that humans have been invaded by a new found demon in the form of commercialization. Business and money making through products made out of tigers' skin has expanded on a large scale. The quest for more has engulfed man into the web of greed, propelling him to increase his hunting expeditions of these royal species. Poaching, which started out as a mere hobby in the olden days has gradually increased excessively and has resulted in becoming an obsession amongst mankind.

Life’s lesson teaches us the fact that anything taking a turn into the obsessive curve will result in a destructive disaster.

In this case poaching seems to have resulted in a tragic tale for the big cats. The lush green forest reserves have been invaded mercilessly by these scheming poachers hungry for more. It is sad to see the unwarranted attack on these magnificent creatures in their own homes. It makes one to ponder about the safety and security aspects in their abodes.

Is it fair to invade upon living beings which are content in their own worlds, only to fulfill our monetary needs? Especially when they are far from posing a threat or interference to us of any sort? Are they entering our homes to prey on us to satisfy their hunger pangs? It’s a different story altogether, if we retaliate to their attack on us.

Can we imagine ourselves relenting to continuous feeling of fear and terror? What if we were plundered ruthlessly to satisfy someone else’s greedy desires? Reminds one of Ghazni who came back again and again to loot. Will it not result in eliminating our peace of minds in our daily living? Why should we instill that uncomfortable feeling within them of living amidst constant insecurity and threat?

Why is man taking it in his rights to be the deciding authority of their existence? Do these creatures not have a right to live in peace as we do?

Similar occurrences of events in the human world are retaliated with protests. It’s unfortunate that the silent and suave tendency of the big cat is unable to stand up to the relentless plunder. Shouldn’t we act as spokespersons to these majestic cats and voice out their Stan against injustice done to them?

India shone with pride as it exhibited its evergreen wild habitats with a healthy population of wild life. But with the increasing rate of poaching, these creatures are gradually declining. Should man be held responsible for extinction of these species at a later date?

It is high time the philosophy of live and let live is installed in the minds of these individuals. It is important for the government and wild life conservationists to take serious measures to resolve this problem. It is essential that poaching should be eradicated and be dealt with severe acts of punishment. Steps to tighten security around the forest reserves and keeping a check on crime need to be implemented. It is high time that we as dutiful warriors bravely fight this battle instead of meekly surrendering to the enemy -the poachers.

Is it not our duty to protect our sub continent from being deprived of something that made the world proud? In other words, isn’t it high time we humbly bow and render to the royalty?

So let’s go ahead and save the tigers!

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