Thursday, September 06, 2007

Those last few overs

-By Swetha Amit
The fours(ce)ful finish by Robin Uthappa yesterday has submerged millions under the pool of exuberance and elation.

It was a huge chase for the men in blue when England put up a score of 316. The second innings were watched with bated breaths and yet with a ray of hope as the spectacular partnership between Ganguly and Sachin laid a fantastic foundation.

No sooner when the smiles were back on the Indian fans than a dark cloud descended upon them as wickets kept falling like pelted bricks from an old building in ruins. The foundation was losing its initial grip. What seemed like an achievable target was next to impossible especially in those last few overs. Glee began to show on the faces of the England team as India got ready to accept the defeat.

However the killer instinct in the form of Robin Uthappa prevailed as his grit and determination refused to give up without a fierce fight. India needed ten runs in the last over to win. It was like an edge of the seat thriller when no runs were scored in the first delivery. But the next three ones saw winning strokes.

His marvelous finishing four sent a roar of applause and delight as India rose to a stupendous victory.

Uthappa was a hero and should have ideally shared the man of the match title along with Sachin according to many. He performed exceedingly well under tremendous tension filled atmosphere and pressure with the odds against him. It was certainly an arduous task especially when surrounded by the opponents who were waiting greedily to stump him. The last stroke snatched the match away from the English who looked in disbelief at their unexpected defeat.

One can draw inspirations from this memorable incident to keep a cool head in spite of excessive stress. When the whole world has placed faith on your delicate shoulders in such scenarios, it requires calm and collected yet a mature stance to combat such forces to emerge as a winner in the end.

An unforgettable match which has made many to look forward to yet another nail biting final one on Saturday. Let us hope that the men in blue play with equal amount of passion and determination and do not give a chance for us fans to go into the blues.

Instead they should give us an opportunity to say Chak De India, this time for cricket!!!!
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