Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sporting a step motherly treatment?

-By Swetha Amit
Numerous households have reported cases where partiality between siblings is exhibited knowingly or unknowingly.

Irrespective of the achievement or talent inherent in one child, it’s always the other one which manages to retain the favorite tag. The former ones tend to ponder over the inexplicable preferential treatment meted out to their counterparts. Being ignored, these faultless beings tend to feel hurt and unwanted. This portrays the untoward step motherly treatment in spite of belonging to the same family/category. The lack of appreciation can either result in withdrawal symptoms or manifest itself into a rebellious stance.

Such is the case between Hockey and Cricket despite the fact of belonging to the same genre-sports. While the well deserved adulation is showered for winning the world cup, it’s shocking to see the lack of attention and acknowledgement given to the national sport-Hockey especially on winning the Asia cup.

It was an unmistakable ravishing reception which the men in blue received from their fans. Each of them were given a special mention. While the welcome ceremony was taking place in the maximum city, it certainly didn’t receive a welcome response from the hockey players who were offended at their victory going in vain and being ignored.

It was an understandable feeling on these national sport players to encounter bouts of disappointment, dismay and misery for having been neglected and not given the due recognition. Especially when they too won a nail biting game with equal amount of perseverance passion and patriotism against Korea. This apparently has instigated them to protest, with a decision to go on a hunger strike along with their coach and manager.

While many may perceive it as a desperate means of vying for attention, a similar behaviour can be attributed to the politicians who seemed to display a voracious appetite for media’s attention and the limelight. This probably explained the generous amounts of money handed out as prizes and also the back seats that were given to the players. Yet the same politicians chose a stingy approach when it came to awarding and rewarding the hockey players. This behaviour has put the nation to shame. A pertinent question is bound to arise with the unjust and harsh treatment given to Hockey which almost seems non existent due to the meager amount of resources and coverage given even by the media. Not fair is it?

Isn’t it high time that other sports are encouraged in an impartial manner in order to motivate the young generation? India depicts varied talent in every aspect which with a push of propagation can eventually make our tri color rise with pride on several occasions and not just in the game of cricket.

One needs to remember that a token of appreciation can create a magic spell of inspiration and motivation in the long run. Haven’t we all yearned for that one look/word of praise even for a small thing? Is it not our duty to at least give a decent appreciative stance and coverage for the upcoming hockey players who indeed did do our country proud with their wonderful win? Learning to acknowledge and applaud the deserving will prevent such unwarranted rebellious occurrences in the future.

The appetite for appreciation has resulted in a hunger strike. Isn’t it time that these strike rates occur in a Hockey game rather than indulging in a strike due to the insensitive behaviour of all the concerned authorities?

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