Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The maiden world champions

-By Swetha Amit
After 1983, it is time once again for many to open bottles of champagne which is sure to ooze out with a whoop of spectacular delight. Millions were crossing their hearts; fingers and what not as this do or die game proceeded with twists and turns. It almost equaled to watching an edge of the seat thriller or going on the biggest roller coaster ride.

This unpredictable match was almost like a see-saw, swinging from one side to another. It was a steady and sturdy innings by Gautham Gambhir who scored 75 and supported by Rohit Sharma which brought the score to 157. It was decent, yet fell short of India’s aim to reach 180. The responsibility of cruising through a victory fell on the delicate yet firm shoulders of the bowlers who geared up to put up a fierce fight against the expected rain of sixes and fours.

R.P Singh was at his usual best; a consistent form displayed in the entire tournament. However Sreesanth had a tough time battling Imran Nazir who took 20 runs from his first over. It took a spell of reliable bowling by Irfan Pathan that helped in knocking off crucial wickets and put Pakistan under tremendous pressure.

It almost seemed that India was going to have a sweeping success of grabbing the cup when a thorn in the form of Misbah Ul Haq appeared. Sounds familiar? He is the same aggressive batsman who has been the vital backbone for Pakistan throughout the series. The unbroken record of losing against India was almost broken in the first match which finally brought out the much talked about unconventional tie breaker.

The danger man swept the field with his sixes which swung the game in their favor, setting tension levels on a rise. It almost felt like the opponent was going to snatch the cup when the phenomenal catch by Sreesanth in the last over made several let a sigh of relief ultimately rejoicing this vibrant victory. A cry of jubilance went around and it wasn’t only from our beloved players. Indian flags waved furiously which appeared that they were in their own spell of euphoria.

It is one of the unforgettable moments in Cricket. The stupendous record is retained with India not succumbing to defeat to their arch rivals in the world cup ever. After the disastrous exit of India and Pakistan in the World cup ’07 few months ago, this has been a marvelous comeback for both the teams. The best part lay in both teams qualifying for the grand finale.

There are many a memorable moment to treasure with ardent nostalgia and to look back fondly over the years. The might oz getting stumped initially by the minnows and then by India and Pakistan is a true delight to the fans of the respective teams. The consecutive six-packer over by Yuvraj and his scoring 70 out of 30 is another moment to reminisce.

M.S.Dhoni is well applauded for his remarkable leadership and charisma. His cool and calm endurance even during the toughest situations has manifested itself on other players who refused to be cowed down under any pressure. The team now depicts a glow of passion and positivism accompanied with youthful enjoyment. It has also brought about recognition of new talent from the youth of humble backgrounds who have made it big with their perseverance and hard work such as the likes of Rohit Sharma and the Pathans.

Overall the T20 triumph has set wanderlust for a new phase in Cricket. The lack of experience of any team having played this fast and furious series has left many speechless with the win of the maiden world champions.

India has truly set a trend and a world record in more than one way. Not failing to disappoint their well wishers, they have set a round of celebrations with dazzling fireworks across the skies. It seems like heaven has descended upon earth. Not surprising at all, as millions are either on seventh heaven or on cloud nine aren’t they?
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