Thursday, January 04, 2007

Salaam namaste 2007

After large doses of rocking,rolling and a load of bashing,New Years has finally dawned.2007 seems to look promising already,smiling upon millions and beckoning us to bask in its positivity.

High expectations have already set in amongst many,with the hope that '07 is more of a smooth sailing expedition than a bumpy roller coaster ride.Prayers to the supreme power above us is said with a pure intention of protecting us from evils like kidnapping,brutal slaying,terrorism and most importantly the wrath of nature.And also to seek well being in more than one aspect.

Whether it is the functioning of the day to day chores,the profit soaring of the corporates,the bull race of the stock market to make sensex reach great heights.Or whether it is marital harmony,career growth,passing examinations and lastly good health which is ultimately the biggest wealth,indeed forms the wishlist of many which is posted to the Almighty.

It was one of the best new years for me.The first one after marriage especially,marks its speciality of being the most memorable one.Spending it with your like minded soul mate is the best gift anyone could ask for.New Year's eve was a night of massive celebrations,partying and gyrating to the lively music.The next day started with bowing our heads to the creator,preparing a sweet delicacy and feeding the homeless on the street with Mumbai's favourite Vada pav.

It gave me immense fulfillment to see those hungry, cold eyes lighting up with a small sparkle and expressing gratitude,as I handed over the food packets.A feeling of sadness also engulfed me, as I wondered why them?Aren't they children of God,as well?Do they also not deserve to have one square meal a day?

As I pondered over it, I then recalled the law of karma.Everyone pays for what they do.They suffer their bad deed and thoughts as punishments handed out by our supreme parents above.Maybe these present poor and needy are paying for their previous undesirable actions.Seeing their pitiable state,one should learn to prevent themselves from indulging in acts that would result in dire consequences in their following karmic births.And may this realisation bring about angelic actions amongst us and end in receiving loving showers of gifts rather than reprimanding acts of the Almighty.
My lunch that followed could not have been more staisfying that day.. with the thought that I had fed at least a few hungry stomachs.It was one meal that I really enjoyed and relished for more reasons than one.

It has been a great start as my hard work is slowly on its way to the goal of recognition.One of my travel articles on "Matheran" titled "A hilly encounter" has been published in the Indian Express suppliment.And its available virtually as well.It has made my family immensely proud.Hopefully with everyones good wishes,I hope to continue my writing with lot more improvement of each write-up,along in the days to come by.

And with Jai Matas blessings, I pray that I make a mark in this field.It will certainly create a difference in people's lives,by getting a psychologist's perspective on several issues.It will surely enable them to combat their feelings which are hurled like a ping pong ball in life's game of table tennis.Life is like a battlefield with the unkind, bloodshed of words that pierce like a sharp arrow wounding our feelings. It will help in facing the war-like situations;coping with ever increasing stress levels, peer pressure and cut-throat competions as the famous saying goes"Pen is a mightier weapon than the sword".



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