Friday, January 05, 2007

R(i)ose above the thorns

-By Swetha Amit
Relationship is like a rose garden, be it a parent-child, husband-wife, grandparents-grandchildren, teacher-student, boss-employee or between friends. Thorns in the form of misunderstandings, anger, irritation, jealousy and EGO are present in plenty. Just like we hold a rose with determination and pluck away the thorns which prick us, can we throw away the thorns that disrupt our rosy relationships?

Communication which comes as a package with human relations, should be emphasized as a crucial factor in maintenance of harmony. An idea, thought or a viewpoint can be put across effectively if one concentrates on the way it is presented to the other person. Being assertive, yet polite, can work wonders for a message to be conveyed to a single individual or a mass of audience. Soothing words, keeping the sensitivities in our minds along with a pinch of thoughtfulness is a very good recipe to liven up millions of hearts, the failure of which would lead to a venomous encounter. After a point, its us who regret the words uttered from our lips. Before we utter them, is it not fair to think before we say something?

From our earlier experiences, we can recollect the numerous clashes with our loved ones over trivial or major issues. We temporary convince ourselves that we don’t' care. It’s realized that we are fooling no one but ourselves in the process. It is us who choose to carry this emotional baggage of not being able to forgive to hold a petty grudge. Why? Is it because of our so called NATURE? Is it that difficult to let go of our destroyer called ego which causes nothing but sorrow? Can humans not modify their nature even a little?

Unfortunately, by the time, such faults are realized; it is in our old wise age when it might be too late to make amends? Our last few days on this earth is filled with REGRET and a baggage which we carry even when our soul attains MOKSHA.

Such a long wait needn’t be necessary if we learn to encounter what we really feel and want, rather than letting our king sized ego rule our inner voices. Do we not feel at peace if we've gotten rid of the baggage of forgetting and forgiving what someone has done? Once we try and forgive lightness engulfs us as we start to feel like we're rising above to a higher divine level.In other words,it enables us to R(i)ose above these petty thorn like baggages.

It sure is true when they say.” Forgive and Forget is divine."
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