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-By Swetha Amit
There are people in this world, who can sing, dance, do a little jig, speak, hear, touch, feel and smell good objects. Such lucky individuals indeed are given the luxury of normal functioning of our human body.

Can we imagine a plight or a day when even one of these little activities are not being accomplished by us? It could be due to reasons like a small twist in the ankle disrupting our regular exercise routine, or a fracture in our arm which is put to rest for a couple of weeks. Such minor accidents cause us to depend on others for even the most trivial things that we are used to doing by ourselves.

Can we imagine a stage where the pleasure or independence of doing such trivial tasks is taken away on a permanent basis? It would result in feelings of frustration, anger, diminishing self esteem, depression, helplessness, and not to mention the fear of being ridiculed or not accepted by others.

There are such individuals in this world for whatever reasons, who are born with some kind of malfunctioning with one or two of their organs. The term”disabled”is often attached to these set of people who face the brunt of being on a wheelchair,blind,with hearing aids or unable to talk or utilize their intellectual capacity. Sad but true. However a day during every year is allotted to these not so blessed individuals to create an awareness all over and is called” world’s disabled day” which is celebrated on dec 3rd.

The consideration and the sensitivity of treating and behaving towards these people are looked into with tremendous insight. Do these people get shunned away from the bustling activities of the society? Should such individuals be looked down upon? Are we any superior or are they less inferior to us because of their so called” abnormality?”

An interesting fact to note here is the spectacular balancing act of the Almighty. Such human beings who are deprived of any one of their organs are automatically gifted with a special talent or the extra strengthening of the other senses. For instance, a blind person is often seen to possess a talent in pottery or craft work. Or they are blessed with voices that title them the nightingale of the nation. Example of a famous singer who is blind includes the famous Stevie Wonder who has won millions of hearts with his melodious and fast faced tracks. Some people who are unable to communicate possess the art of lip reading and prove to be excellent actors with their ability to change several facial expressions.

It is often observed that, these unfortunate beings feel the need for normality like any one of us. Their levels of pride prevent them from basking in our pity. All they need is our support, not sympathy.Inclusion, not seclusion.Frienship, not hostility. They want to be of help, not a burden. They expect our sensitivity, not harshness.

It is seen in many parts of the world that their own families treat them as an outcaste or a load saddled for a lifetime. Can one imagine the feelings that undergo within that person.Helplessness, anger, several questions rummaging in their heads asking God” Why me?” Is it fair to let our fellow humans go through such misery? Deep inside, they feel the need to be taken away from this world? Is it not hard heartedness on our parts to rub salt on wounds by reminding them of their problem every single day?

Are they not entitled to enjoy the worldly pleasures? Should we consider them insignificant? Remember that nobody is inferior as every one of us posses an inherent special quality that make us unique in our own special way. Nothing is permanent either. What if we lose our functioning due to a sudden mishap in our lives that scar us till death does us apart.

Therefore, let us create awareness amongst the human clan in order to raise the levels of acceptance, love, understanding and support of these disabled individuals. Let us make them feel that life is a deadly paradise instead of a living hell. Just like trees spread their branches to bask in the sunlight, let us spread our arms and engulf these beings into one converting their disabilities into their powerful abilities and ableness.

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