Sunday, February 22, 2009

Honored at the Oscars

-By Swetha Amit
There has been many a heart stopping moment. Bated breaths with pounding hearts and fervent prayers to the almighty hoping for a remarkable victory rarely have fallen on deaf ears. And this time it was no exception only difference being that it was a change from the fields of a perspiring sport to that of a glamorous red carpet scenario here.

Yes it is truly a ‘moment’ many wouldn’t like to let it slip out of their hands. It was a joyous one for the subcontinent when the most expectant name ‘A.R.Rahman’ was read out forgiving the mispronunciation in the state of euphoria. It doubled up the elation literally at the twin Oscar win, this time being shared with none other than ‘Gulzar’. Not to forget the sound mixing award won by Rasul Pookutty. Having won the most prestigious award, it is indeed celebration time for the country and its ecstatic folks. Especially since the words spoken on stage were touching words in the mother tongue.

Slumdog millionaire certainly did get mixed reviews in India. While there were some who couldn’t stop raving about it, others were not exactly impressed by its apathetic portrayal of the sub continent. It made many including me, indignant about how only a film based on poverty and slums were chosen to represent us in the academy awards. Yet the thrilling feeling of Indians winning evaporated such bitter feelings in the air of jubilation.

While the movie may not have worked for some, one can gauge the opposite reaction by looking at it from the western perspective. Life in the slums has always been a fascinating topic for them. The rarity of such in their own worlds can be cited as one such reason. Similarly anything unusual depicted in an interesting manner can intrigue many of us resulting in appreciative applauses.

It isn’t the best film made. It certainly might not exhibit an ‘out of the world’ score at least for us Indians who have had way better musical trips by the genius. It probably has astonished many at the hype the movie has created, but nevertheless happy at the appreciation and recognition by the west. Today ironically being ‘Mahashivrathri’, it has led to more than one celebration in India. It seems to a double treat starting from the awards and relishing those precious moments of being honored at the Oscars. Not surprising, if we hear numerous chants of ‘Jai Ho’ all over.
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Blogger KParthasarathi said...

I agree with you fully.But we still crave for recognition from the West and go gaga when such awards come our way.Even though the film has depicted the seamy side of our society,it is good that the eyes of many of our people who are oblivious to the sufferings of hapless millions have been opened.
Swetha,you write superbly

5:35 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Thanks a ton!! Yes there have been a lot of films which have depicted poverty and yet fail to reach the eyes of the west. Well its a moment of glory that he won such an award that has pit our country proud on the globe.

9:09 AM  

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