Friday, December 29, 2006

Sayonara 2006

So long farewell...its time to say goodbye.It just feels like it was the beginning of 2006. And now the yearly journey has come to an end.Like other years,'06 too provided a roller coaster ride,just like the pathway of life's travel.Encounters with good and bad experiences have proved to be lessons done as a diploma course. This enables us to possess a greater degree of strength,courage and confidence which are needed to face the tougher examinations that are just around the corner.

Looking back from the cold winter days of January through the sunny days of March to the scorching heat of May-June,the monsoons in July- August and back to the chilly month of December,seems like glancing through our childhood photo albums to our present day pictures.A year which seems like just 365 days.Yet, the numerous events and changes equalizes this period,close to a unique era of its own.

Walking down the memory lane brings back certain instances, that can be viewed with a happy note and other not so pleasant moments, that have moulded and shaped my personality to that of a firm and solid one.

It was the continuation of my courtship period which was to end on April 30th,marking a beginning of a new phase in life.A feeling of wishing that my fiancee was there to share new year celebrations,engulfed me the whole day.However thinking about the upcoming new years eve,put me in high spirits as I geared up to face this eventful year.

The first quarter from Jan-April was spent in endless shopping for my D day,making a guest list and invitations.Several emotions engulfed me.The realization of no longer being a carefree girl in her parents home dawned upon me.It occured that this lifelong commitment was a different journey altogether,along with a package of shouldering responsibilities and self sufficiency.I felt like a small sapling, branching away from the parental tree,finding my independent roots into the soil of marriage.It was a mixture of joy and a tinge of sadness.Happiness of being united with my soul mate for a lifetime and sadness of leaving my home, where I spent my formative years and the memories associated with it.

The second quarter proved to be one of the difficult tests,at least for me.Post wedding was a whirl.Meeting numerous relatives,hectic schedules,the Tirupathi trip and back and the lack of sleep was taking a toll on me. I couldnt wait to board the flight to Maldives to enjoy my honeymoon.This island getaway proved to be a wonderful trip that helped me and my husband revitalise ourselves from the madness of the big fat Indian wedding.As I was looking forward to going to Mumbai,where we were settling down ,to set up a new unexpected turn of events caused a temporary separation from my life partner for almost a month.

I lost my maternal grandad....a man of class and very few words.I stayed back in Chennai and provided a support system to my grandmom,mom,aunt and my little cousins.A turbulent of emotions struck me....sadness of losing my grandad,regret of not having spent much time with him when I had the chance to,disappointment of not being able to go with my husband(and wasnt sure when...thanks to the so called tradition of seeing a good date) and stressed out,as I juggled between by place and inlaws' over weekends,who were very understanding and supportive.However,it wasnt easy handling so many things at the same time.But I pulled through it and emerged as a stronger person.My patience was rewarded when I left to the maximum city in june.

Rains welcomed me as I landed and looked at this much hyped city with interest.It seemed that Mumbai and I just struck the right chord from the very beginning as I stepped into this busy location.It was the time of the monsoons.Pitter patter raindrops touching the roads with their gentle pour looked a pretty sight.As I set up my new home and was in the phase of settling down,I realized to my surprise that I hardly missed home.The maximum city just charmed me to an extent that made me want to explore it even more.I felt I had lived here all my life.Days went by as my independence grew even more.Of course it was a tough time,adjusting to being "married" and dealing with issues that one would never have a given a thought to earlier.But again, it was like one of those complex chapters in a book.

The last quarter was exciting.Explored a lot of hill stations that amazed me with their natural beauty.Did numerous travelling that enabled me to learn about new places and their history.Discovered my new passion for writing too.The travel included couple of visits to Chennai.One visit was to attend a wedding which was another test put to me.It took an effort to put on an eternal smiling face to the sea of faces some of which were scrutinising me as the newly wed bride of the family.It was with the support of the Almighty, that helped me combat certain unwarranted loose talks from individuals of the similar age bracket.It also enabled me to emerge as a winner with a no-nonsense personality, whom people learned to respect and regard with awe.It was a year of stabilising various relationships of different genre,maintaining a balance between married life and my social circle.It also involved sorting out a lot of misunderstandings that should have been done in the beginning stages itself.

At the end of it all,peace,satisfaction and contentment is what I have achieved and have managed to sail through the stormy winds that have hurled me in different directions.But without my anchor(my life-partner),I would have never managed to keep afloat on the turbulent waves and would have ended up drowning in the pool of negativity.Looking back at this lane, has helped me realise how much God has stood by me in his own way.Maturity and wisdom has slowly crept into me only to reach the higher levels with due course of time.I have also realised not to take anything and anyone for granted in the future.

Its time now to bid farewell to this rather interesting year and look forward to 2007 and other upcoming years which would make me feel even more that "learning is a continuous process."



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