Sunday, December 17, 2006

Kabul Express-A never ending journey

Ravines,deserts,barrenlands,rifles,tankers and soldiers.

Welcome to the journey of Kabul express.A fast paced travel which takes one through the experiences and underlying emotions of two Indian journalists along with three other co-passengers, leaves one gripping till the end.

This film starts with an introduction of the the country which was closed to the world for 6 years until an occurrence of a certain mishap.Several reporters were known to visit this mysterious land,thirsty for a story that would quench the curious minds of the world.

Suhel Khan(John Abraham) and Jai Kapoor(Arshad Warsi )play the lead as journalists from India who risk their lives to cover a story that would leave the nation spellbound.Little did they know that life would never be the same again after this road less travelled.As they seat themselves on a tanker,eyes and ears are wide open in eagerness to get a glimpse of the much hyped "Talib".Managing to attract a lot of attention,they stumble upon Jessica Beckham(Linda Arsenio),a reporter from New York,whos there for the same purpose.They mount themselves on the vehicle along with their Afgani driver and guide(Hanif Humghum). Soon,they are followed by a certain strange figure, calling himself Imran Khan Afridi(Salman Shahid) who overtakes them with surprise as they are literally kidnapped and forced to turn around to a different pathway of the Pakistan border.

Fear,shock and a little annoyance sets in the minds of the existing passengers.Their new commuter is engaged in a conversation,initiated by Jai which consists of a heated,yet comical and sarcastic arguments over Kapil Dev and Imran Khan's records to the culprits of who started the entire war.This trip brings a twist in tale with encountering a few gun shots and discovering the real identity of their "kidnapper" Imran.He actually was a Major in the Pakistani army, who sacrificed not seeing his daughter for 6 years, in order to fulfill his duty.This unexpected learning brings out a few emotional moments ,in turn, lending a helping hand to their new friend in reaching his destination.So does he finally go home?The climax reveals it all.

This film is one of the brilliant productions of Yash Raj films I have ever seen.It definitely deserves an applaud for the risk taken by the whole crew to shoot this movie, in order to bring about a fantastic product finish for the audiences.It left me on the edge of the seat,from the beginning till its end.The film was a learning experience for me in more than one way.It brought out the lives of the women in Afganistan who were over protected and not given any rights to do as their will.It was indeed a sad plight and made me realise that how progressed we are.Imagine the fear of living amidst the firing of bullets.We are definitely in a safe democratic country.

It brought to light a few touching moments of the father-daughter reunion.The film also finished ironically which made me wonder what are we fighting for.Though the movie ended,Kabul Express is a never ending journey of the numerous wars and exploitation of the innocent lives.Will it ever stop?Time will tell.

Meanwhile,Is film ko Q(K)abul karna,hamare hathon mein hai.!Dekhega Zaroor.



Anonymous Zilan said...

Very well written swe.

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Blogger Whirlwind said...

Thanks girl.:)

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