Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Life after child birth

Its just been 3 weeks since Samara-my daughter entered our lives and its been like a lifetime already. Each day is a learning experience as we watch her every move. Trying to figure her out can either be fun or stress you out. Like many CEOs have mentioned, its how you face each challenge that comes your way.

Life certainly has changed as your routine for the day is solely dependent on the baby's sleeping hours. You cannot afford to miss a second as every minute becomes precious. By God's grace I have been juggling between working out of home, going to the gym and feeding her. Thats all thanks to the support system I have here.

As every day goes by, I look forward to seeing her grow. It is surreal when I hold her in my arms and while I read out stories to her. Thanks to the IPL and the football world cup next month, I have something to look forward to. While its fun being a mom, I strongly believe one shouldn't lose their identity. So its just a matter of time, when I can get out of the house more often and start my road running to its full potential.

More to come later.


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