Tuesday, January 08, 2013

New year New beginnings

Time flies is a cliched saying. 2012 flew by before one could say 'Jack Robinson. '  It has nevertheless been an eventful and a sporty year. As I walk down the memory lane, I get a glimpse of how every month has been unique in its own way.

January 2012 started off with a bang. Went Scuba Diving on New Years eve in Oman which was a beautiful experience. 15th Jan was my first half marathon experience. Completed 21 km in good timing. From there on it was no looking back as I went on to improve my fitness levels.

February 2012 was spent in training for the DNA Women marathon scheduled on March 11th. 

March 2012: Ran 1o km in the DNA Women's marathon and came 5th overall. Felt great running for a cause-Girl child education. Honestly felt that I had actually made a difference.

April 2012: Visited my dream destination, New Zealand. It was the hub of adventure sports where I tried out Zorbing., Paragliding, jet safari, jungle trekking, vising the sets where Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings was filmed. It was an amazing experience.

May 2012: Visited Bangalore as I took part in the TCS World 10 k run post which I treated myself to death by chocolate at corner house, the famous icecream parlour. Shared it with my hubby of course.

June 2012: Brought in our b'days with a lot of friends over. It was a pleasure cutting cake three times and sharing it with my trainers and pals.

July 2012: Went on a trek to Matheran with buddies in the lovely monsoon weather. It was just amazing surrounded with greenery all around. A sunday spent in a worthwwhile way. Also visited Indonesia and indulged in an adventurous expedition. Went cycling on the beach, river rafting, snorkelling, trekking in the rain forest, canoeing, elephant safari and indulged in a balinese spa as well.

August 2012: Went on another rainy trek with buddies on friendship day. Also celebrated Ramzan by visiting Mohammad Ali road twice and got to taste firni and malpuas.Visited Chennai after a year and got an opportunity to catch up with my old friends after years. Also got an article published on mohd ali rod on the website I work for.

September 2012: It was a month where my training for the Mumbai marathon commenced. I was gunning to run the full marathon this time. So got a schedule drawn and followed it religiously. This was also a month where the Ganpati festival was celebrated with pomp and splendor. Brought Ganpati home after three years. Worked on a write up on the festive celebrations in Mumbai. Got a lot of recognition for it on my website which I work for.

October 2012:  It started with running a 10 km for Tata Medical centre, a run organized for Cancer patient fund raising. Felt good running for a cause despite the scorching heat. Made a quick tripto chennai and met up with my old friends. Got to interview the Executive director of Tata sons on his book' what a Ceo really wants'. It was an awe inspiring experience. Also got to attend the Mumbai film festival where I got to see some prolific cinema.

November 2012: Diwali- the mostawaited festival was around the corner. Made gajar ka halwa at home and shared it with my trainers and friends. Worked on a diwali article for my website as well.

December 2012: This has been the most tiring month but an exhilarating one. Visited Goa after three years and ran the Goa river marathon. It was a beautiful trail by the river and the spirit of the goans was amazing. Completed this one in good timing as well. Then ran the Pinkathon -a 10 km run organized to promote awareness of breast cancer. However had a minor setback as I hurt my ankle bone post one of the runs. But the ice pack proved to be a good healer. Visited Lavassa and brought in the new year with an adrenalin rush-rappelling and rock climbing. Overall its been a good year.

Hoping that 2013 holds good equally. Joined a boot camp to improve my flexibility. Felt good working outdoors in the open garden with the winter breeze. Got a big marathon coming up on Jan 20th. 

Praying things go well.


Blogger KParthasarathi said...

Wow.What an admirable list of achievements and many for social causes.Hearty congratulations!!!
Best wishes for the long marathon to be held on 20th January.
You make us all proud of being your friend.

6:02 PM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Thanks KP!

1:18 AM  

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