Monday, August 08, 2011

I am Kalam: Profound and stirring

Some small budget films evoke several emotions in a person that can put blockbusters to shame. 'I am Kalam' is one such movie which manages to tap the sensitive side of the viewers.

Set in Rural Rajasthan, the film revolves around a young boy Chottu who is employed in a Dhaba run by Gulshan Grover. Instead of going to school, Chottu washes vessels, serves the tourists and manages to charm them with his earnest ways. However the thought of reading never evades the young lad as his fascination for learning comes through the movie.

He befriends the son of the Thakur, a school going boy who also yearns for some good company. Gradually a bond forms between the two as one aspires to learn something from the other. The film slowly takes a turn into how Chottu is accused of being a thief and forced to run away to Delhi. As the truth unveils itself, a search party goes to Delhi to bring back Chottu to the land of the sand dunes and restore his righful position in the school premises along with the Thakur's son.

The movie brings out various shades of human aspects and the society. It subtly delves into child labour and stresses the importance of child education. It also highlights the consciousness of the upper class in befriending the lower segment of the society when the Thakur mentions how his son should befriend only equals. It also brings out the delightful element of friendship when the Thakur's son stands up for his friend and removes the ghastly accusation made on Chottu.

I am Kalam makes one smile, moist eyed and smile again as the film comes to an end. It’s a profound message which is convincingly conveyed in just 90 minutes. It’s a pleasure to see such small budget films create such an impact. It makes one realize that big things come in small packages.



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