Meeting Jeffrey Archer

It was thrilling to receive a mail from Crossword Bookstore which stated the book launch event of Jeffrey Archer's new release called 'Only time will tell.' My excitement knew no bounds as I looked forward to spending the Sunday evening with this renowned Author.

His books took me back to my naive adolescent years where I had transgressed from Enid Blyton's faraway tree tales and had moved on to a mature form of literature. The first book I read was 'Not a penny more, not a penny less'. His language was exquisite and powerful. No doubt it helped me improve my proficiency in the foreign language as I went on to read his Kane and Able. It made a great impact on me. So did his 'As a crow flies, A prisoner of Birth' and his short story collections.

Sunday arrived and the store was half crowded with his diehard fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Author. At half past seven, he graced us with his presence. He threw a broad smile at the crowd which was followed by a pleasant greeting. After the initial introduction, he began to entertain the crowd with his witty and humorous remarks. He talked about his new book which was the beginning of the Clifton series. After which he obliged questions from the crowd in a friendly manner, sharing some of his experiences he faced in his writing career. Here he mentioned how 'Kane and Able' changed his life. The session ended and he signed our books rather graciously.

It was an interesting evening which helped us learn more about such a popular writer. His journey certainly hadn't been an easy one. He had to weather some severe storms and indeed, he has not lost charm with the pen. He continues to receive rave reviews and adulation from his fans. Will the Clifton series live up to the expectations? 'Only Time will tell.'


A said…
You are lucky. I used to read him too. Enjoyed reading about him in simple words
Whirlwind said…
Yes he is a legend!
A New Beginning said…
lucky girl :)) liked the post!
Whirlwind said…
Thanks Sana.:)

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