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Moms are the best

-By Swetha Amit
Many may dispute about the concept of Mothers’ day. Their arguments categorically state as to why only the second Sunday in May should many express their unconditional love to their mothers. And why not every day in the year. While they aren’t entirely wrong, it does take one special occasion or the other to make one feel how much they are cherished in another’s life. If going by the same argument, one can apply the same logic to birthdays and anniversaries and celebrate the entire year. Yet it wouldn’t be the same.

This can also be looked upon as a break from the mundane routine one is accustomed to. What with scurrying around from pillar to post and professional demands round the clock, it tends to leave one hard pressed for time for near and dear ones. At times like these, one longs for that particular day to unwind and do something unique to make it up to their loved ones. When such an opportunity is given on a day like this, why not seize an opportunity to make the most while you can? And while given a chance to celebrate who should complain?

I often contemplated on the factor of motherhood which has intrigued me further on hearing my mom’s encounters with me all through. From nursing me in her womb with acute sufferings in her biological clock to rendering sleepless nights with my continuous wailings; trying times during my adolescence and eventually a friend all through which has enhanced even more as I got married and moved away to a different city. To sum it all it’s been nothing less than a roller coaster probably worse than that in a Disneyland considering this one had no time limit.

So what does motherhood mean to me? The prospect intimidates me to a large extent. Going by several experiences heard and keen observations, it denotes sacrifice, patience, endurance, empathy and understanding. While these form essential ingredients, going by the contemporary times, I realize that it also needs a great deal of flexibility. The ability to accept your kith and kin as who they are despite the fact of both individuals being different as chalk and cheese is a vital factor. Unconditional acceptance all through is a must along with the time factor.

At the same time, motherhood also retains its respect as one learns the art of letting go at the right time. Clinging on dearly and refusing to see your child as a ‘grown up’ only evokes a sense of resentment in the latter. It’s about adapting to changes and growing along with your children in their several stages. From being bound to them 24/7 to meet their dependence and demands on you, it sure does require great skill to accept their independence and allow yourself to be a child to them in their twilight years.

Yes motherhood is a cycle of redemption. One always marvels at the fact of how much moms have done for us and whether we would get our chance to ever repay them. Yet the very golden opportunity is discarded with contempt as one gradually views the twilight years setting in. Such is the brutal irony of life when one hears of old age homes and inhuman tortures inflicted upon those whom we once considered our gateways to the world. Very few are blessed with the opportunity to grab this chance to their hearts content and ease their cognitive space with guilt and regret later on.

Mother’s day may be a special occasion for a mother daughter bonding with flowers, lunches, movies and a short getaway. Yet what enhances its speciality of its continuous occurrence is that of ensuring that one is always there for the other. It needn’t mean calling each other on a daily basis, smothering with mushy messages or telling each other every single detail. Providing the very security of being there during trying times even where a long gap of communication through busy schedules exists.

No explanations for not calling often, giving each other space and respecting one another’s independence is what denotes my relationship with mom. It’s her attitude that has made me the person I am today which makes me truly say that moms are the best.

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Blogger KParthasarathi said...

I have nothing to say except that I felt happy that you have done justice to the subject.Your tips how to keep the unique relationship at is best would surely be read by both moms and children to their benefit

12:09 AM  
Blogger Ayesha Parveen said...

A well-written post made even more beautiful by the personal tone.

Best wishes :)

3:03 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Thanks a lot KP and Priya.:-)

7:46 PM  

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