Thursday, January 22, 2009

In a second....

-By Swetha Amit
It isn't every phone conversation usually on a casual basis that leaves one in contemplation about life. While one side of it portrays colors of vivacity, it certainly doesn't hesitate to show its shades of grey many a time. To an extent where its bonded souls ponder over the unfair treatment meted out to those who in the least deserve it.

It was on the way back home after an arduous day at work, that I punched the numbers furiously to catch up with my mom after ages. Our busy schedules often trespass our ability to communicate often. It was a quiet hello that greeted me which I assumed to be a result of a taxing corporate drone. On exchanging our usual banter, a sudden spurt of news jolted me out of my wits.

"Do you remember my friend?" As I carelessly stated a yes, glancing out of the window at the passer by folks, little did I realize that I would be met with a big blow with her next statement. "She's no more". For moment I thought I heard wrong but knew it couldn't be so with her repetition of the same. I gasped in shock as a flurry of questions was hurled at her. Wasn't it just a month ago my mother had mentioned about her visit back home for her birthday? And out of the blue, she had breathed her last. The worse was yet to come; my inner voice told me which I ignored profusely.

What she mentioned the next few minutes invoked several mixed feelings of anger, sorrow, and immense indignation. Apparently she was travelling on her bike along with one of her daughters to office, and it was a festival holiday. A honking van made her swerve which made her lose her balance. While her daughter fell to the left, death grabbed hold off the mother mercilessly as the latter's fall on the right side collided with the speeding van. What an irony that the right turned out to be the wrong one. The driver had no time to apply breaks as his wheel proved to be the zone to the other world and much to the horror of her daughter. Making matters worse the essential part of the human body that towers the rest was ripped off as the sight became gruesome with an unmistakable element of brutality.

One cannot imagine what the daughter would have gone through. Listening to the incident alone instigated a terrible feeling within me as I was at a complete loss for words. One moment she was riding high probably looking forward to going home for a cozy family dinner. And the next minute turned her world topsy-turvy orphaning her and her sibling out of their only parent. It may be appalling to know that their father was no more when they were little girls. Their mother seemed the world, the sole anchor who weathered severe storms to bring up her daughters who are now almost on the verge of settling down with their respective careers, though unmarried still. Nature had exhibited its cruelty during their innocent years, snatched them out of their laughter that childhood promises a great deal. It didn't cease for it to show streaks of ruthlessness that would leave their world in complete darkness. Was it fair?

My mother who had attended the funeral mentioned about their terrible state of being. Who could blame them? Despite the several relatives one tends to possess its true of the saying that nobody can replace a parent.

My mind reminisced of those times when the friend would often visit us with her daughters. She was nice lady who would never fail to visit mom on special occasions and has been there through thick and thin. Her daughters were quiet and well mannered. It's hard to believe a good hearted soul whom you have met on several occasions is no more. It was a hard living she was bestowed with and to make matters worse, her death beckoned her in such a gruesome manner that one wouldn't wish for even to a worst enemy.

While we enter this world, we cause someone else immense pain-the infamous labor pain only to get out of the darkness of the womb and witness the first glimpse of light. At times we are lucky to see rays in different shades while there are others who are destined to live only in darkness. Is it the law of karma playing its part dutifully where suffering takes a toll during the course of life and be flung away to the jaws of death? Why is it that those who indulge in vile acts are gifted a sunny life and the nice ones that of a black cloud? Is it the result of our past deeds that one continues to pay a price forever? Is life a joke that we need to learn to laugh at? In which case one needs to wear the veil of sadism.

As these thoughts occurred in my mind at a rapid pace, I looked out only to see an image of the Almighty imprinted on the glass of a Taxi. While the 'why' factor continued to pound heavily, it was a moment to close my eyes and pray that her soul rests in peace at least now sans any suffering.

As I picked up my husband on the way, a look at my face depicted that "something was wrong". As we reached home, it was a lesson that was taught to us but needed constant recurrence of its essence of not taking anything/anyone for granted. Such are the uncertainties that life teaches us lessons; in its strangest of fashion.
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Blogger Ayesha Parveen said...

Suffering is there as a result of karma as well as tests of patience and trust. Life continues to be a mystery which is often-heart-breaking. The best we can do is take one day at a time, trusting God's love. Best wishes.

2:16 AM  
Blogger KParthasarathi said...

A touching story told in Swetha's inimitable style leaving the reader with moist eyes.

8:15 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Thanks Ayesha and KP.:-)

8:15 PM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

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Bobby Sakariah - Jeddah on 2/3/2009 12:39:25 PM
With so little of women drivers, the accident rates are so high. What will be the condition if the number equals that of men! Those who say, women are equal to men, should rethink. They are complementary, but never equal. Nice article

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