Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A little concern can save many lives...

-By Swetha Amit
It was like any other Friday evening as I cruised along the streets of Mumbai. The traffic needless to ask seemed chaotic depicting the bumper to bumper scenario. It was my usual visit to the abode of the almighty which was is regular weekly routine. Listening to the FM radio and looking out at the twilight streaked zone, everything seemed as normal as ever. However it was that moment’s lapse of head turn that left me with a sinking feeling as it made me ponder and wonder innumerable times like never before.

The appalling sight of a bleeding cat wriggling with immense pain made me freeze in horror in my car seat. Being few yards away in the midst of bustling traffic and crowd, I could see a few faces with solemn expressions staring at the animal battling desperately for its life. It was apparently knocked off by a lorry as it tried to whiz across the lane only to be met with crossroads of life and death. As I tried to look back and urge my driver to see if anything could be done, he said that it would be taken care of by the "concerned authorities". It was an ironical statement considering the two words –concern and authority, neither of which was exhibited.

It was in a restless mode that I approached the divine and yet my mind kept lingering on to that horrifying image. As I craned my heads yards away I could sense that the dead animal lay where it was with vehicles driving past furiously and people walking as though they had seen nothing. It was with helplessness that I drove home with a heavy heart and feelings of guilt. Could I have actually done something or at least ensured that it was moved away from the rampage of recurring automobiles. It certainly didn’t deserve to be run over in a repeated manner even after it had breathed its last.

It made me think back to the similar treatment meted out to our fellow humans. Several sights of people of varied aged groups are found either knocked off from a cycle, on the verge of fainting or helplessly stuttering around in their not so great state or run over by speeding vehicles. Yet we choose to carry on thinking that 'someone' might lend a helping hand or the ‘concerned authorities’ will take care of accommodating them in the right place. Alas! it makes one wonder if it will be at the right time.

It’s a million dollar question which taunts us in the form of our inner conscience. What is it that stops us or stopped us from assuming the role of a ‘concerned’ authority at least on a temporary basis? The rush to get from one place to another? Fear of getting involved in something that is of no significance to us? Or just sheer indifference? It seemed to indicate a wipe out of humanity altogether which certainly isn’t the case. This is especially in instances immediately after the blasts or floods, where even strangers become a source of support. Should such bearing occur only in a catastrophe of a large degree? And not be extended to a day to day scenario?

While feelings of compassion are undoubtedly deep within, its hesitant drive towards the surface is what is lacking considerably.

These pool of thoughts whirled inside my head as I reached home. The cerebration mode continued; having learnt an unforgettable lesson. The stance of doing something when felt strongly about should not be stumbled upon by a block of uncertainty. Even if it appears beyond our control, the smallest of gestures can be exhibited which would emphasize the value to life. With such advanced technology all it requires a slight effort which could work wonders.

Possessing the numbers of the Municipality Corporation, ambulance, blue cross, fire brigade, will enable us to at least notify these organizations on certain occurrences. While numerous ones are stored; its essential to have these as it may cease to surprise how handy it can be. While it may only showcase a minimal indication on our part, it will definitely make a difference and a sense of satisfaction of having done something within our capacity.

While such question-answer sessions were haunting my mind, nothing could erase that disturbing image which continued to prick my conscience repeatedly. Would I have learnt my lesson? Time will tell and hopefully it’ll not turn out to be an accidental indifference.
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Blogger Ayesha Parveen said...

A very good post, Swetha. You have put forth a very important question here: "It’s a million dollar question which taunts us in the form of our inner conscience. What is it that stops us or stopped us from assuming the role of a ‘concerned’ authority at least on a temporary basis?"

3:13 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Thanks Ayesha.:-)

10:04 PM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Comments on MSN:

Priya Mathur - Jaipur on 9/23/2008 12:58:22 PM
Very nicely expressed! Hope that like-minded people would appreciate this piece......and the feelings involved

M.Lokeswara Rao - Bangalore on 9/24/2008 8:31:55 AM
Nice article, It is true other day i have seen while going to office, two big buffalow were knock by drivers and they are dead. There is hardly any concern to animals, people think that animal life is not valuble. there should be awreness among people and animals also living beings, those who kill them recklessly should be punished

10:05 PM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

shefali - New Delhi on 9/24/2008 10:09:57 AM
yes its true people have become ignorant when it comes to humanity, no one wants to care for anybody, the other day my dad told me about the accident which took place near his office, he said a man was lying on the road brutally hit by a car, and car ran off with a great speed, I wonder how insensitive and inhuman that man was in the car, my dad also added that people were watching the badly injured guy but no one came to help , lastly police came to his rescue. Its an evil age, its evident ...??????

10:05 PM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

sk jaiswal - new delhi on 9/25/2008 10:12:10 PM
good good...good one. :) :D

9:28 PM  

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