Monday, July 28, 2008

Recurring terror?

-By Swetha Amit
26/7: A day which could have been just another date on the yearly calendar in any other circumstance. Yet it chose to ring fatal bells that echo in the ears of people even today. What could have ideally been a birthday celebration of many has ironically turned out to be the death anniversaries of several of our fellow humans. The two forms of terror have mercilessly enticed away numerous lives leaving us pining for our beloved ones.

The unforgettable ferocity of nature which took a fatal turn in Mumbai 26/7 2005 has indeed left millions in a jolt. The unpredictable stance of the monsoons and the inability to control such natural forces has reduced us to helpless beings that can only clasp our hands in prayer. However it is the other form of man made masked terror that makes us ponder and wonder about the barbaric stance adopted and at what cost.

No sooner did people have time to recover from the horrifying serial blasts in Bangalore than yet another one shattered the abode of Ahmedabad. The latter case has left behind damages that are even more severe than the ones caused by an earthquake measured 8 on a Richter scale. The 16 blasts have created a ruthless record of being the maximum to have occurred in one day/place anywhere in the world. The ‘low intensity’ of the bombs has generated ‘high voltage’ and shock waves that have led to a tumultuous situation in the dry city.

Starting from the Pink city, to the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan and then to the recent incidents. Not to forget the inhuman ones that occurred in Delhi, 2005 and the train blasts in Mumbai 7/11. This ‘cycle’ of terror has depicted its brutal form with its barbaric timing of placing it even in front of trauma care centres and hospitals to ensure the rising death tolls. While there were some bleeding in pain, others were bleeding and seething with fury and anguish on seeing such atrocities by those who are supposedly ‘humans’. It’s a shame to see bodies flung about in pieces ripped apart worse than being attacked by a wild animal. The elements of panic, fear and insecurity have engulfed the country to an extent that our so called ‘home’ seems like a wild jungle with Hannibal waiting to prey on us. Every step now spells danger at its extreme form.

It leaves us bewildered and enraged at being used as pawns in the war between the current controlling power and the masked one. The underlying motive exhibits a great deal of a vindictive stance of such individuals avenging for something that occurred years ago. One even of bloodshed is being met with double the mental anguish being inflicted on faultless people especially children who have hardly seen the world. One cannot help but retrospect into the saying by M.K.Gandhi that “An eye for an eye makes the world go blind”. It has certainly led to a blackout of humanity, compassion and consideration as this veil of war prevails into a vicious cycle.

Destruction and aggression seem to be the tools of target to meet such deadly demands which make them seem like children vying for attention from their parents. However it’s realized that these ‘children’ have grown into wild beasts only to resort to brutality in its peak form. On deep analysis of the psychodynamics of such terrifying forms only spell ‘cowardice’ and ‘callousness’ in achieving their motive.

Many of us are striving to achieve our dreams and are constantly battling our inner demons and external realities in order to reach the gateway of success. In this constant struggle, we ‘switch’ of from harsh existence to a fantastical world to unwind only to be woven into the hard hitting occurrences of the ‘stately’ affairs. It’s an irony to note that while terrorists realize their sadistic ‘dreams’, it’s at the cost of ‘hard hitting realities’ that many of us fall privy to without a choice. The only option being to ask ourselves: “who next or rather what next in this case”.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well brought out Swe.

5:05 AM  
Anonymous Mukundhan said...

I am literally livid with what happened in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. If we don't treat these people with a hard hand and politicise the issue, i see the incidents recurring in the so-far-very-safe places as well. Already a terror attack has been busted in chennai with one of the detainees being a worker in Ranganathan Street, T.Nagar! They are everywhere these terrorists.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

@anon: Thanks!!!

@Mukundh:I wonder if there is a cure for this disease called terrorism. It just seems to be multiplying its cells to an alarming rate where it appears to wipe out the world with its fatal syndrome. India seems to be their favourite target causing innocent lives to be preyed on for something that is a brutal avengement of what happened years ago. Every step spells danger and uncertainity. In a country which we call our home, its no lnger one especially with the safety and security blanket ruthlessly pulled away.We can only pray and hope at this moment.Sad but true.

11:12 AM  

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