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Slaughter over water?

-By Swetha Amit
Disputes and differences are inevitable especially in a country like India with its unmistakable diversity. However it’s a shocking plight to see such issues take a fatal turn.

The recent incident of a woman in Bhopal being burnt alive by villagers over a water brawl is indeed a terrifying jolt to the ears. The sight of which her family members especially her daughter would have been even more traumatized.

According to the reports a heated argument prevailed while filling water at the village tap. However little did they realize that the sparks of the almost forgotten fiery bicker would go up in flames literally? It portrays the atrocity of such petty grudges and the barbaric stance of the villagers to indulge in such sanguineous tactics.

It is no mystery to millions about Madhya Pradesh facing a water shortage especially to the government bodies in particular. It is a shame to see these issues remaining one on an eternal basis with no provisions to overcome pitiable conditions. In spite of the occurrence of five such instances before this, no measures have been undertaken to put a halt to frustrated souls. Annoyance is certainly bound to seep in especially when priority is given to other areas in the ‘progression’ department.

Millions and billions are spent on glamour, glitz and auctioning sports person and spokespersons. If only half of such massive amounts are used for rural development, the country will be devoid of cases like the suicidal farmers and homicidal villagers. One cannot help noticing the stark contrast in the twin facet stance of the subcontinent. While one side denotes the affluence to heights of extremity, the other side depicts poverty to a large extent. Malls and pubs adorn one corner while the other corner consists of drought stricken and impoverished lands. Higher degrees are obtained by one sector in terms of education and refinement and on the other the manifestation of the lowest degree of uncivilized barbarism.

Prioritizing finances and streaming it in the right direction will certainly minimize the extent of rueful conditions and problematic areas. It’s ironical to note the occurrence of this slaughter over water in one state just when neighboring states are beginning to welcome the monsoons with open arms. One can only pray in sincerity to prevent such gruesome mishaps in the future.

An immediate intervention by the concerned authorities requires a stance of pouring oil over troubled waters. Before one gets to hear of another instance of one pouring kerosene over water trouble.
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Anonymous Mukundhan said...

I have seen, read and heard enough of the Tamilnadu and Karnataka government stance over the Cauvery and Hoganekal issue. Everytime the verdict turns againt Karnataka, the lives of 40% tamils living in Bangalore is threatened!
So slaughter for water is something i am used to hearing and isn't any surprising.
Not that i support this barbarian act.

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There should be ban on religions and caste in India. No one should be publicly allowed to practice their affiliations (privately no problems). There should be places of worship closed. Marraige should be not within a family. A military ruler should come (can affiliate to one of the two good parties)! This will solve the country's problems of 300 castes fighting for OBC/SC/ST quota... while they are all really well off. Multiple political parties paying voter with booze and getting votes to win, and to recover eating public money. Do you know Rajiv Gandhi certified that only 5% of money gets spent on actual scheme, while rest is eaten up by the officials and politicians? Only graduates should be allowed to represent people.... the list goes on....

(All the above read somewhere, not my thoughts!)

7:37 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

@Mukundh:Yes while several episodes have preceded this horrifying one,its sad that the concerned authorities show lack of concern especially when its required the most.

@anon: you have hit the nail on the head. Well if such issues are attended to we will probably be a much better country.

6:44 AM  

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