Tuesday, October 30, 2007

“Jab we met”: Journey with sizzling chemistry

-By Swetha Amit
Two strangers who couldn’t be more different from one another; an unexpected stumble; a train journey; cupid’s strike: such ingredients are not new for a Bollywood theme. In spite of its run on the mill components, 'Jab we met' depicts certain freshness and promises its viewers with a surety of fun on the run.

The film starts with a forlorn expression portrayed on Aditya Kashyap’s (Shahid Kapur) face, who is a rich industrialist nursing his wounds from a broken relationship and a troubled past. Little does he realize that a chance encounter with a stranger on a train would change his life forever? Geet (Kareena Kapoor) is a typical loud Punjabi girl who is on a mission to find her true love Anshuman. Chatting away to glory the effervescent Geet tries her level best to engage the surly Aditya into a conversation but in vain. The latter's initial feelings of annoyance and irritation gets gradually converted into amusement during further course of their queer journey.
A series of adventurous events begin thereon accompanied by crazy antics which cannot help but bring a smile on to the audiences’ faces. Whether it is flushing away Aditya’s ex flame, meeting Geet’s boisterous family, revealing and sharing secrets or a mistaken elopement to the lush green hills of Manali, the unusual escapades are numerous to count.

After escorting Geet to her destination, Aditya returns to his home town to revamp the mess in his personal and professional life after emerging as a new person. As days go by, destiny brings a circumstantial meeting between Aditya and Geet yet again. Accompanied with a complicated third angle, a turbulence of mixed emotions and a change of events ultimately bring a magical and fairy tale ending to this sizzling stumble.

Jab we met is a wholesome entertainer providing comic relief and a few touching moments as well. Kareena Kapoor steals the show with her thunderous performance as the vibrant and talkative Punjabi youngster. While Shahid Kapur makes his mark quietly with his subdued, suave and bespectacled performance. Director Imtiaz Ali does a good job by transporting us to the lovely locales of Punjab and Manali with never a dull moment in between. Music by Pritam is catchy with the popular track ‘Mauja hi Mauja’ creating a rage in the chartbusters. The chemistry between Shahid-Kareena is unmistakably evident here unlike in their earlier films.

A couple of scenes tend to score points with the viewers instantly. Such as the one where Kareena Abuses her ex lover, a la catharsis technique of venting out one’s frustrations to feel better. The same method recommended by her in the earlier half of the film to flush out skeletons of the past from Shahid’s life. These prove to be touching and funny simultaneously. Some of the train scenes however, remind one of Dilwale Dulhaniya le jaayenge.

This film is worth a watch for all age groups. It’s energetic, youthful and lively stance takes away the stale essence of the story being an old wine in a new bottle. Overall Jab we met guarantees a FUNtastic journey with elated joy, an emotional tinge along with a sizzling chemistry which tends to make the audience reminisce about “Jab they met” through this film.

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