Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kiwis vs Kangaroos

What began as a not so good start of this tension filled match, ended up as a victory for the kangaroos. A total of 241 seemed not such a great score for the Aussies, showing a ray of hope for the kiwi clan to come out as a victorious team.

As New Zealand began to bat in the second innings, it seemed like no hope as wickets kept falling like pelting stones from an old building in ruins. A 47-6 seemed like they were heading for a disastrous lose in this crucial tournament.

A twist in tale, in this case, a twist in the game in the form of Daniel Vettori turned tables which made the kiwis raise their shameful heads to pride. Hammering away the round object by the fast paced bowlers to the boundaries and sixes brought the score to a decent level converting the impossible into the possible.

An aggressive game which ended up with the kiwis losing, was a clear case of not giving up without a fight. An admirable killer instinct and fighting spirit against the world champions is indeed worth a big applause.



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