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‘And Gandhi goes missing’: Irony to the core

Some films are short, yet create a lingering impact on the viewers. Despite their 20 minute duration, they tend to leave the audience stunned with their powerful message. An impression that is left deeper than a three hour film one is usually accustomed to.

Quite a few movies were made with Mahatma as a protagonist. They were mostly based on his life and his movement towards freedom. What makes G.K.Desai's ‘And Gandhi goes missing’ unique is the entire approach to exhibiting Gandhi’s principles in a subtle yet intense manner.

The film’s background is set in the rural village school of Maharashtra. Sadashiv Godse alias Sada (Shreyas Paranjpe) is a happy go lucky school boy and enjoys the company of his best friend Sunil Damle alias Sunya(Soham Kadam). One day a new History teacher ( Kamlesh Sawant) is introduced to the class. While getting to know the names of the students, the master frowns on hearing Sada’s name. Much to the bafflement of the boy, he is made to sit in the last be…