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A tented jungle paradise


Africa is a land known by its wildlife. Swetha Amit spends a few days living in a tent, observing Africa's jungle denizens at close quarters and tasting its exotic cusines and meats and accompaniments

Living in tents and watching wild animals drink water a few feet away is an exciting prospect. A vacation in Africa enabled us to do just that, observe exotic fauna at close quarters. We landed in Nairobi and were escorted to our hotel rooms. Having time to spare, we decided to visit the highly-recommended restaurant ‘Carnivore’, which seemed to be popular among the locals as well.

A meaty affair at the equator: Seated at cosy tables in dim-lit ambience, we could see lumps of meat being roasted on fire. Exotic sauces were served as accompaniments to the main course of meat of different species, which turned out to be an e…

Hiking in the hills

Sundays are normally associated with lazying around,  catching up on sleep or lounging around like a couch potato for many. However being a marathon runner and a fitness freak, being up at the break of dawn had become a part of my lifestyle. This weekend was no different except that instead of running, we were planning to hike amidst nature. We set off with a few friends to catch the Mumbai local train to Nerul from where it was a 4 hour trek up to the forest of Matheran.
It was a 2 hour train journey spent in animated chatter and munching on our breakfast. We soon reached Nerul which was a bit under the weather with dark clouds looming above. It was a perfect weather for a hike. A few droplets of rain greeted us as we walked through the village. We soon reached the vast carpet of green land which was to be our pathway up the hills. 
Nature appeared to be even more beautiful in the rains. Everything seemed to be sparkling in the radiance of the monsoons. It was a pleasant change from…