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‎26/11: 3 years since terrorists brought the city to a complete standstill for 3 days. Remembering and saluting our brave heroes who died a martyr's death, fighting a battle that eventually made Mumbai see daylight. Jai Hind!

Happy b'day Mickey Mouse

One of the most loved Disney Characters. Grew up watching his cartoons which had me in splits many a time. Hes the most adorable mouse one can come across. Happy 83rd b'day Mickey! We love you and Donald Duck.;)

Children's Day

Those were the days when ice-creams and chocolates were eaten without worrying about our growing waistlines; ; where games like hide and seek, cartoons, comics and Enid Blytons governed our lives; we laughed and lived without a care in the world. Recollecting those good old days of mischief and laughter.

Happy Children’s Day! Makes one realize to never let the child in us die!