Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sai Baba's demise

A great spiritual leader whose healing touch will be missed. Sadly he is no more.:(

But his soul will be ever alive to guide all his devotees around the world.


Happy Birthday Sachin

‎38 and still going strong! The source of inspiration for millions!

Happy Birthday Sachin!


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Grand Finale

Little did we realize April 2nd would be a day embarked in History? There were celebrations strewn across the country when India defeated Pakistan and stormed into the finals. Prayers were in full flow for the Men in Blue to bring the cup back home. The grand finale was held in Wankhede stadium, Mumbai.

We were thrilled to bits on having gotten tickets for a reasonable price in the last moment. Having an early start to the day, we rushed to the stadium to stand in the long cue which was eagerly awaiting the game. As we got in, we heard to our dismay that the Lankans had opted to bat first. Echoes of the commentators began to play in our minds who stated that the team batting first would have an advantage. As the game commenced, Lankans got on to a slow start. The fielding was brilliant and few wickets made the crowd jump with joy. However the power play brought in gasps as a no nonsense total of 275 flashed on the screens.

Murmurs about India losing the cup and pining hopes of Sachin went through the stadium. After the break, a stony silence greeted Sehwag's wicket in the first over. The explosive batsmen walking away to the pavilion was followed by a tension gripped atmosphere. The entire crowd turned towards the God of cricket. Shock waves rippled across the crowds as their beloved batsmen were taken by Malinga. The Lankan team swarmed across the green patch in a jubilant manner as though their road to the gleaming cup stood clear. However magnificent innings and a couple of stable partnerships by Gambhir, Kohli, Dhoni and Yuvraj brought back the smiles on the faces. Cheering and waving the Indian flags, the crowd began to see a ray of hope. Captain Cool did play his part with a spectacular 91 and Gambhir with his 97, steered India to what rightfully belonged to it.

A smashing sixer finish was accompanied by fireworks that could put a Diwali night to shame. Tears of joy ran down every Indian as we watched our beloved men in Blue rejoice with great fervour on their home ground. It was a feeling that words cannot do justice to. After a long wait of 28 years, we did what Kapil Dev honoured us with in 1983. The world cup was finally ours!! The streets of Mumbai were swarmed with cars, hooting and cheering. Cries of Jai Hind and Vande Mataram filled the air. It was an unforgettable night and we were finally declared as world champions!!