Thursday, December 02, 2010

Happiness at work: A positive outlook

-By Swetha Amit
The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the most of everything that comes along their way.’ The essence of this famous quote is highlighted in Srikumar S Rao’s book on how to be resilient, motivated and successful — no matter what. We all come across problems in our professional lives. However, this can sometimes have an adverse bearing on the health, family life and spiritual growth of many professionals. This book aims to enlighten such individuals about the presence of a valuable element within them. It is that core element which holds the key to all their woes.

The book is divided into 35 chapters, each of which stresses on a golden rule to be followed in life. Each one of them enables the readers to introspect, evaluate and rethink on their lives. The exercises given after each chapter serves to further highlight the effectiveness of these golden rules. The philosophical tone of the writing focuses on advising readers how to bring about a paradigm shift in their lives and avoid putting a label on events. It inspires one to become a Daruma doll with the ability to bounce back to one's original state of mind after being subjected to trauma or undergoing a catastrophe.

The mid chapters deal with defining the purpose of one’s profession by asking oneself pertinent questions about one's work, overcoming the fear of obstacles and finding answers to who one really is. It teaches one to bring about a change in one's thinking and behaviour, which in turn produces an immediate effect on the surrounding environment. The last few chapters take one on a spiritual journey and describes the metaphysics of life and the soul.

The language and style of the book is simple and straightforward. Citing interesting examples, it enables the readers to easily relate to the instances summarized and to absorb its philosophy in the right manner. It is a profound read for those willing to incorporate a positive change in their lives to find a deeper meaning to it. 'Happiness at Work' is just not another self-help book meting out advice, it is an a instrument for change for the better for a human being. Riveting and thought-provoking, the book will appeal to those willing to open their minds, think out of the box and discover happiness all over again.
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