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Tadoba: Call of the wild

-By Swetha Amit A feeling of child-like glee bubbles up when one tends to spot something that one has only read or heard about, or seen on television. Sighting a magnificent striped beast, a tiger, in the dense forests of Tadoba was no exception.

Our quest for a weekend getaway made us stumble upon the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, not far from Mumbai. Situated in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, this hidden jewel of a place proved to be a treat for us wildlife lovers. After a flight to Nagpur and a three-hour drive to Tadoba, we arrived at the MTDC resort. On arrival, we set off on an afternoon game drive in an open jeep, accompanied by our driver and a guide.

Forest fascination: Driving through the dense cover of trees in the scorching heat, we stumbled upon a family of langurs perched on the branches of a tree. Half-curious and half-fearful at our attempt to click pictures of them in their natural habitat, the whole group …