Sunday, January 31, 2010

Drinking to others’ death

-By Swetha Amit
Several cases of drunken driving have come and gone. This propelled stringent measures to come into play and bar anyone who even remotely smelt of alcohol mercilessly. A moment occurred where the need to pass the breathe test for drunken driving sent shivers down the spine of many night riders. After all this was a real life and death situation.

In spite these laws, it was horrifying to hear about a ghastly incident on Marine drive during the wee hours of Saturday morning. A 27 year old woman rammed her car into a jeep which cost the life of a Police officer and a biker due to her uncontrollable ‘intoxicated’ state. The reports described the incident as a result of a frantic call from her domestic abode in the midst of her party hopping which propelled her to act hastily. Residing in a posh locality of South Mumbai, it was no doubt that the affordability factor posed no problem. So hiring a chauffeur shouldn’t exactly create a hole in their wallets completely. In fact it proves to be a necessity especially on nights like these where the party hopping syndrome is accompanied with large pegs of alcohol. With the individual prone to an extreme state of instability in all aspects, it definitely is a must to be driven home and not dare to take the wheel into their hands.

Such acts of foolishness not only prove to be dangerous but also fatal costing innocent lives in the bargain. Families are orphaned overnight by losing a precious member to such callous intoxicated beings. While such individuals deserve to suffer the consequences of such impudent behaviour, it certainly isn’t fair to subject others to fatal conditions or severe injuries for no fault of the latter. It’s a shame to see such atrocity occurring despite the many laws imposed. It only makes one cease to wonder if justice would prevail or the accused would go unpunished due to ‘powerful’ forces that come into play like ghosts into the darkness of evil. One can only hope and pray that such incidents do not occur again and the law abides by its rightful conduct.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Republic Day

Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai!!
Jai Hind!!