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Food for thought

-By Swetha Amit As I stepped out of my car, I couldn’t help noticing the pavement population. The ones who were strewn across like some unwanted garbage with no one or no where to go to.
A particular family with two children was seen scrapping every bit of rice from an earthen pot as their supper. The father seemed content seeing his kith and kin eat heartily while foregoing his share of the meal. Yet one couldn’t ignore the unmistakable hunger in his eyes which were possibly longing for a generous helping of anything edible enough to eat. The brown rice which was probably only half cooked without the usual spicy accompaniments seemed to bring in smiles on to the little ones' faces sans any complaints with regard to its raw taste.
Touched by the rather pitiable sight I couldn’t help but retrospect about a rather contrasting scenario in a wedding dining hall.
Prepared with great zest and care …

‘The Opportunist’: Highway or Dead end

-By Swetha Amit Opportunities are often considered the admission to reaching great heights. However there are a few exceptions to this case which can lead to life becoming a living hell for some.

The film ‘The Opportunist’ portrays the effect of the latter scenario where the course of events occurring in a two hour journey leads a man to ruins.

The protagonist is played by a popular actor Manoj Joshi who boards the train to Panvel. In the course of the journey he encounters a woman (Rohini Banerjee) in distress who is weeping uncontrollably. His persistent queries are met with disclosure of more than just the high strung emotions. Gradually he finds himself making use of the given opportunity and giving way to his weakness only to face a shocking revelation of his destiny.

The film which is a G.K Desai production is brilliant and very thought provoking. Enjoying the credit of being the only Indian…

The perfect beauty

Received this thought provoking write up via email. Imprints its content on to the minds of the readers and leaves a perennial scar on the cognitive aspect,the outcome of which is indeed positive and beautiful.

Beauty, Shining Through
By Lynne Massie

*Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.
~ Confucius

It was 4 o'clock in the morning on June 9, 2003, when I received the phone call parents’ dread.” This is the emergency room calling and your son was just brought in with severe burns on his face, neck, and arms. We have called for an airlift and are going to fly him to the burn unit in Seattle."

Seattle was 350 miles from his college, so we knew immediately this was serious. The physician described the accident, which caused the burns. At 2 am, our son and his friends decided to barbecue hamburgers in the courtyard of their apartment complex. Not exactly the dinner hour for you and me, but for college students, probably fairly normal.

While they were cooking, an automatic…