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Cricket at a cost?

-By Swetha Amit

The IPL bidding saga took the breath of millions away by its billions.

Auctions that were usually associated with material things once sadly have been extended up to what is considered more than just a sport for many. Throwing and making money seems to be the motto as the franchisees gleam with every bid of their ‘precious’ players being bought over along with national loyalties. It certainly raises pertinent questions about the ‘premium’ or pride for respective countries.

The sportive essence is being replaced and regarded as a mere property for monetary gains under the pretext of social responsibility. After watching the unicolored team jubilant after a stupendous victory; a multicolored or rather ‘money’ colored group is what will be displayed. The national fervor and flavor is bound to be missed to a large extent much to the dismay of true lovers of this game. Cutting across …

'Jodhaa Akbar’: Grandeurs of the golden era

-By Swetha Amit
Mughal history has always mesmerized its readers with its magnificent aura by being imprinted from historical chapters into our hearts. To an extent where it has inspired a reminiscent revival amongst filmmakers to cruise the viewers through this royal and magnificent era. Several elements of power, pride and prestige have been illustrated lavishly yet not without the essence of true love; the latter either exemplified unconditionally like that in ''Mughal e Azam or the not so emphasized one during the ‘golden’ era.
Ashutosh Gowariker’s Jodhaa Akbar is a majestic saga of a mighty emperor Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar and a defiant Rajput princess Jodhaa; and their culmination of love for each other. A lot of speculation has been made regarding this particular epic. Yet the film convincingly portrays the powerful theme along with other dimensions of Akbar’s noble personality …

The irony of Valentine’s Day

-By Swetha Amit
Heart shaped balloons, candies; chocolates and cakes depict the fact of heart-to-heart gestures symbolized by a proposal for a lifetime or on a temporary basis. Such is the hype and festive of Valentines Day-the day when one solemnly declares his/her puppy or adult love eventually turning into adultery love.

It makes one to think about the meaning of love. Unconditional affection, trust, commitment are words that can be strewn together to form a garland of enchantment. The strong will to stick to one another fiercely even through trying times is slowly giving way to impatience, intolerance leading to break ups like a piece of china ware developing cracks and perishing ultimately. Such is the case of this so called contemporary love where practicality and convenience seem to be the dominant factor. Sadly today, lavish lifestyles and monetary gains are what form the union between …

Insubstantial violence

-By Swetha Amit Secularism seems to be diminishing slowly like the fading light of the twilight time zone only to engulf the nation into a gloom of ignorance and absurdity. India was once known as the abode of Indians. However due to the stingy and narrow mindedness of certain ‘STATE’ments of a political personnel on the pretext of declaring loyalty and love for his state, a spark of insecurity has spread like wild fire.

Inter-rivalry between the political parties is unfairly affecting the common man on the streets. The bashing up of glass panes of taxis and causing havoc on the pretence of ardent affection for their localities; ironically ends up in destroying the entire purpose with the loss of lives and injuring the same community individuals. Humanity seems to have been lost with obsessive fanatics’ mindlessly indulging in ‘Communal PARTYing.’

Generating fear amongst many and instigating the …

Not a MINOR issue

-By Swetha Amit Brutality seems to be another name for justice; at least according to certain civilians who are far from exhibiting any civil stance. It appears strange as to how the superior ‘fight for right’ phenomenon crops up selectively, especially when the guilty party proves to be inferior or rather a minor in this case.
The appalling incident that took place in Murshidabad in West Bengal has infuriated many. A seven year old was mercilessly tied to a pole and beaten black and blue over a mere suspicion of having stolen something. To make matters worse, such horrifying behaviour was justified as a so called reprimanding act to teach the lad a lesson. It would probably be unforgettable to the young boy physically, spiritually and psychologically.
This draws a lot of resemblance to the incident that took place a few months ago in Bhagalpur where a petty thief was mauled in a similar way. Th…