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‘Goal’: Bend it like Southall

-By Swetha Amit Being sportive seems to be the main connotation for filmmakers today. Whether it is taking a spoof at themselves by ‘reincarnating’ their images in a recent flick; or achieving their goal in every possible manner, they certainly do not fail to score a winning streak with the audiences.
Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal indeed makes its mark in a profound way without unnecessarily giving away a penalty.
The film starts by showcasing the pitiable condition of Southall United football club which is in dire straits due to bankruptcy. Adding fuel to the fire is their lack of victory for over 25 years making everyone including the commentator Johnny Bakshi (Dilip Tahil) and the city council authorities wash their hands off them. The pathetic plight of the team instigates the latter party to present a condescending proposal which involves the utilization of the lush green grounds for a better commer…

Not a child's play

-By Swetha Amit

While children’s day is being acclaimed every year on the 14th of November, it is ironical to notice the childhood factor being conspicuous by its gradual decline. That carefree stage in life which is reminisced fondly for some may sadly be devoid for the upcoming generation due to the competitive fast paced life and over dose of unnecessary awareness.
Few years back parks and the building compounds portrayed the playgrounds, carrying the musical titter of laughter and glee by children. This provided a soothing effect to those who were hassled with the pressures of existence and were immediately gifted with a faint smile on the wrinkles of turmoil. Sadly today children hardly indulge in those outdoor games anymore. Today’s parks are being converted into 'car' parks instead!!
Education seems to be a prime cause for the direct promotion into ‘grown up’ segment in both ways.…

Om Shanti Om: Rebirth of a star

-By Swetha Amit Some of us are content being down to earth while others aspire to be one among the stars. Dreams of going up above the world so high and attaining stardom at times takes more than just one lifetime.
Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om is one such story of a struggling actor whose aspirations needed more than one birth. It seemed that acting and he had a karmic relationship which couldn’t help but proclaim him as a superstar with his desired climax.
The film starts with a foot tapping popular track from the blockbuster Karz which words the title of this film as a means of tracing back to the 70s era. The flamboyant flashback depicts the bell bottoms, funky hairdos, colorful attires and the graceful glide of the leading actresses. Om (Shahrukh Khan) is a junior artiste and an aspiring actor backed up by his close confident Pappu master(Shreyas Talpade) and mother (Kirron Kher)whose biggest i…

Saawariya: A musical trip

-By Swetha Amit Love tends to either bring out the best or the worst in an individual. The latter emotion tends to explore the dark and mystical side to this intense feeling.
Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘beloved’ debut launch ‘Saawariya’ depicts the two sides of the same coin with poised freshness spinning through a mixed web of reality and fantasy.
The film starts by showcasing the spectacular set of a city which portrays a remarkable resemblance to that shown in a fairy tale. Amidst all this is located a bar infested by over decked women waiting to entertain customers. One of them is Gulabji (Rani Mukerjee) who loses her heart to an aspiring singer Ranbir Raj (Ranbir Kapoor) and engages in a narrative about the latter.
Ranbir brings a ray of light into everyone’s murky lives by entertaining them with his boyish charm and going on a musical trip at every pretext. His warm eyes manage to melt even the…


-By Swetha Amit

Crowds are flocking eagerly at the shopping arenas with a sparkle in their eyes. Jubilant and joyful, they find several reasons to crack up. Lightening up in every possible manner, the young and the old unite together for this scintillating festive occasion. A titter of laughter accompanies such enthusiastic beings like a faithful friend ensuring a happy state of mind always. The colorful array of lights, lamps and the display of fireworks seem to dispel the darkness caused by the evil both within and outside.

This festival falls on a new moon day in most years and is one of the most popular ones which has now spread to the other side of the world as well, thanks to the Indian diaspora. Diwali has arrived; to be celebrated with tremendous zest and an opportunity for many to have a BLAST.

Though being common festival among all Hindus, it is celebrated in different ways for varied r…

Grooming for attention?

-By Swetha Amit The beginning of an Indian wedding scenario starts with the much anticipated arrival of the groom’s family. The bride’s party wait with garlands in their hands, tension writ on their anxious faces and a silent prayer on their lips which otherwise should have portrayed million dollar smiles, is unmistakably noticed here. Even the sweet fragrance of the scented flowers is unable to ease the stress-filled atmosphere and the welcome committee just hopes that the start is not fraught with the customary criticism that so envelopes the groom’s so -called "superior" side with a strange sadistic streak.

No sooner than the ‘guests’ arrive, their overt ‘might is right’ expression is exhibited like some proud artwork displayed in a museum. The awe and apprehension towards the groom’s side which existed several decades ago still continues to prevail in these so called modern and lib…