Gather my bones : Review

Title: Gather my bones  Author: Rahul Vishnoi Genre: Short story 
It was good to read a short story authored by one of the author members on a forum called Did you read today on Facebook. 
Gather my bones is a short story written in first person. The narrator is depicted as a hostage who is asked to guess the reason behind the murder of 3 bodies placed in front of her. Who is the narrator and does she ultimately make the right guess? 
This short story is gripping and engaging right from the start. It’s piques your curiosity and compels you to keep reading right till the end.  Particularly liked the descriptions of the deceased people and the settings by the author. It keeps the readers hooked throughout. 
A short story that is impactful and powerful.

A run for a good cause: Veteran's day 15 km run experience

It was on a Saturday morning when I stumbled upon the Morgan hill Veteran’s day run event. I was casually browsing for running events in the bay area and found this one. Morgan hill was just about 30 minutes from my place. I had done a duathlon event here in March 2018. I recollected how beautiful it was. Besides it gave me an opportunity to meet war veterans and thank them for their services. Incidentally it was just a day before Veterans’ day (November 11).

The online registrations had already closed so I mailed the organizers asking if I could come on race morning and register for the run. They replied in affirmative. 
Race morning: It was a cold and a foggy morning when I ventured out to Morgan hill on Sunday.  I reached Depot street at 7:45 am. After registering and collecting my bib, I stood there watching the organizers set up the venue. There were a couple of stalls where postcards of veterans were placed. I looked at them curiously and a volunteer asked me if I’d like to run fo…

Where the Crawdads sing: Book review

Book review 
Title: Where the crawdads sing Author: Delia Owens Genre: Literary fiction 
'Where the Crawdads sing' is a story centered around the trials and tribulations of a marsh girl's life.  
Set in coast town of  NorthCarolina, there are many alleged rumors about the Marsh girl namely Kya. Kya,however, is just a lonely child abandoned by her family. She treats the marsh  as her mother and finds solace in the sea gulls and herons around the area.  She doesn’t know to read or write but can read nature and tides to perfection. 
 As Kya comes of age, she has a couple of affairs- one particularly with Chase Andrews- a popular athlete in town. When Chase Andrews is found murdered, all blame falls on Kya, ultimately leading to a heated debate and drama inside the courtroom.  
This is a book that is a coming of age story as well as a murder mystery, which makes it quite an engaging read. The debut author in her lucid style of writing describes the beauty of desolated marshla…

Run in Wonderland : The Halloween 10 km run experience

Runners are known to be a crazy lot! What with waking up at an unearthly hour to clock those humongous distances, run on grueling terrains and battle tough weather conditions.Yes, no normal person would do that. I guess it’s this ‘abnormality’ that sets us apart from the rest.
A fact that was reiterated when runners decided to celebrate Halloween in their fashion-wearing crazy costumes and running on the roads. My community back in Mumbai was celebrating their monthly Halloween run and I was incidentally doing the same thing here in California. 

It’s a mad world: The characters in Alice adventures in wonderland had always caught my fancy. They were eccentric and as crazy as they could get. Probably that’s what emphasizes the phrase by the Cheshire cat “We are all mad in here.” Cheshire cat happens to be my favorite character from this classic. With its ability to disappear and appear at its will, its queer responses and its toothy grin, I decided to adorn the costume of this peculiar ch…

I'm Down : Book Review

Title: I’m Down Author: Mishna Wolff  Genre: Memoir
This is a sort of a coming of age story of American writer-Mishna Wolff. 
As a little girl , Mishna Wolff grows up in a predominantly poor black neighborhood with her single father and sister.  She fails to fit in with the neighborhood kids as she was considered too ‘white’ for them.  Later when she is sent to a rich school for white kids, she finds it tough to fit in with her classmates as she is considered too ‘black’. 
Amidst these trials and tribulations, Mishna deals with her parents divorce, the several women in her father’s life, an overbearing step mom, conflict in cultures and the extremities in life. 
As Mishna grows older, she begins to understand that there are all kinds of problems other than poverty in the world.  
Written in an engaging and compelling manner, the author takes the readers  on her tumultuous journey. There are instances that makes your heart go out to Mishna especially when she deals with her  dysfuncti…

The Forest of Enchantments: Book Review

Book Review

Title: The Forest of Enchantments
Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Genre: Mythology

The Forest of Enchantments is the retelling of The Ramayana from Sita's perspective.

It captures the human story of Sita right from her birth, upbringing, her marriage to Ram, her abduction and her sad fate. During this tumultuous journey, Sita talks about love, endurance, sacrifices and betrayal. This book also showcases an interesting side to other women characters like Mandodari, Surpanakha and Kaikeyi.

While the book is based on the old age epic, it also exhibits certain similarities to the present day world. The author in her imitable style of writing takes us into the nuances of relationships and a woman's fight against certain customs and traditions. It also explores the reason behind of birth and death, making you realize that every occurrence is a result of a certain cosmic puzzle.

The Forest of enchantments is a compelling read. It makes you empathize with Sita and admire h…

Late (Word prompt)

Written based on a word prompt...(Late)
It was Valentine’s Day. A day when he finally decided to propose to her.  He had harboured feelings for her ever since he set his eyes on her. They were in high school and later in college together. Yet he could never muster up  courage to tell her the truth. What if she spurned him? 
She was pretty and popular. While he was the silent type who chose to keep to his books and admire her from a distance. His heart broke whenever he saw her with other guys yet his sensibilities hoped that she would find true love in him someday. Every break up of hers ignited that hope in him. 
Lately she had been unwell. Her family was concerned about her health. It was the flu the doctors proclaimed. She had paled considerably and lost her charm. Yet he still loved her dearly. Even if the others shunned her now.  He promised to take care of her no matter what until death to them apart. 
He gathered the bouquet of red roses that he bought for her. He recollected …