Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Black Friday in Kolkata

It was a tragic day for Kolkata when 83 lives were preyed by the fire that broke out in Amri Hospital. Despite receiving warnings regarding the fire safety measures in July, the authorities failed to pay heed which resulted in this horrifying incident. It was reported that the employees fled the scene, leaving the patients to succumb to the flames. The relatives of the patients were extremely angry at the way their near and dear ones were choked to their deaths.

It makes one retrospect as to why couldn’t the authorities take proper safety measures? Carelessness exhibited has led to loss of several lives in a brutal manner. It indeed exhibits irony, where people are kept in hospitals with the purpose of being on the road to recovery, not to be engulfed by the flames of death. It amounts to a heinous crime and one hopes that the board of directors who have been arrested will not go unpunished. In the meantime, earnest prayers goes out to the unfortunate families of the victims. Our thoughts are with the City of Joy.



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