Monday, February 07, 2011

A call from God

It wasn’t a usual Sunday morning I woke up to considering the dream I had. As I recollected the image, it was the one of Ganpati Bappa beckoning me to seek his blessings. Wondering what it could have possible meant, I decided to pay my visit to Siddi Vinayak Temple which was long overdue.

It isn't known to be crowded on a Monday, especially around noon time. However as I reached the holy abode, I was quite taken aback to see a long cue of people perspiring in the hot sun and waiting patiently to get a glimpse of the almighty. I stood there as well for around an hour. I hadn't finished my lunch since I didn't realize that it would take around 2 hours including the travel time. I soon got immersed in my own thoughts wondering why God had called me and the strange dream. Before I knew it, the line started to move fast and it was just a matter of time when he graced me with his Darshan. It was a massive crowd out there pushing and eager to get a glimpse of this powerful deity of Mumbai. I finally paid my respects and also received a token of appreciation in the form of motichoor ki ladoo outside the temple which was again a rare thing.

I walked out at the temple feeling peaceful and lighter yet that question kept popping inside my head, “What was the reason behind God's call?". As I approached the vendor from whom I had collected the Puja plate, I asked him the reason for this sea of crowd that had flocked to the temple today. He replied saying it was the lord's birthday today. I smiled as I knew the special occasion for which my favourite God had personally invited me in order to be a part of the divine celebration. I had never felt blessed and honoured.

The end of 2010 had been a phase of immense pain and suffering as my health took a toll. There were times I would be at God's mercy and the rest of the time I would wonder why is it that only the good souls go through agony? Today I firmly believe that God only makes those suffer in order to move closer to him. Nevertheless I had always believed that I am God's favourite child and will continue to be so. After all it’s all at God's call isn't it?



Blogger A said...

Point taken. Was there any medical problems related to immense pain?

5:05 AM  
Anonymous sm said...

what we wish, and think we see in dreams.
nice pic

11:30 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

@A: Yes I was admitted in the hospital due to a bad bacterial infection. By God's grace, I am back to good health now.

@SM: True!!

8:04 PM  

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